Discuss Why Is Important To Create And

Topics: Communication, Webster's Dictionary, E-mail address Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: November 9, 2014
Discuss why is important to create and write professional emails, even as a Polytechnic Student?

The term email defines the purpose of sending messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network; quoted from Merriam Webster. The need of sending of sending messages in the corporate context is crucial as it is the form of communication of sending what is required of the message; advisably in the form of a beginning, body and ending of the paragraph, this is indefinitely the most important basic foundation of email writing and also considering other factors comprising of punctuations, grammar and vocabulary context. The next important thing that we should understand is that the usage of emails as of right now currently is to prepare us before the work environment in the near future when we graduate. Yes it might not seem like a big issue currently due to us being students and only receiving about a maximum of 10 emails per day, but when it comes to the working world and being involved in the corporate organisation, we will be receiving up to about a minimum of 100 emails per day and it might be coming from different departments and positions of people, in or outside the company clarifying or updating us regarding anything related to work. With such heavy need of email usage, we need to be assure of the etiquette of email writing as we represent the organisation and if we are lacking in the form of writing emails, we would be at the disadvantage and might be fired or be downgraded to a different department. Email is also a form of first impression. If you were to write an email appeal to someone of higher authority, whatever the context inside must be deemed to be formal which will then lead the receiver to be taking the email seriously, leading to a very useful reply. There are many other factors that would reflect strongly on the email that we are writing and that is strongly encouraged that we need to...
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