Group and Individual Communication

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Individual communication is one-on-one interaction with another. Individual communication allows for continuous feedback based on each person’s input. The communication that takes place between two individuals is very specific to each other’s responses. Since the flow of communication is continuous, individuals have a better understanding of each others thoughts and opinions and can respond directly back to each other. In contrast, group communication is contact between more than two people in a group. Group communication is more than one person communicating to a group; it is many people interacting together. Group communication relies on prior understanding of the group objectives and the group's culture. Unlike individual communication, individuals in a group do not provide feedback directly to one another. Rather, they provide feedback to be addressed by the entire group. With group communication, every participant’s input is necessary to help the group comprehend the objectives so that the whole group can benefit and arrive at mutual understanding. Therefore, in individual communication, the exchange of ideas and opinion is specific to the two individuals involved. Whereas, group communication involves many people and the communication is not specific to just one person. Group communication includes the input of many people which makes the process more difficult. Everyone in the group contributes ideas that need consideration. Members of a group want to feel that their input is having impact on the group dynamics. . Small-group communication refers to the nature of communication that occurs in groups that are between 3 and 12 to 20 individuals (Beebe, 2006). You cannot avoid groups; groups are part of every fabric of our lives. Beebe, Steven A.; John T. Masterson (2006) (in English). Communicating in Small Groups Principles and Practices (8 ed.). Boston: Pearson Education, Inc.

Group communication basically implies a many-to-many...
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