Oral History

Topics: Mind, Psychology, Thought Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Ceasar Mendros
History 210
Stephen Kercher
October 29, 2014

My experience in interviewing for the first time was not as what I was expecting. Being in an actual interview is completely different than being in a formed imaginative situations I made in my head. Though throughout the process, I learned lessons that came from a form of downfalls. I learned that confidence, concentration, preparation, and commitment play big roles in generating a successful interview. These downfalls are what I hope to improve on for future interviews that I will be involved in. There are a lot of things I have learned throughout the practice interview assignment. First thing I learned, is that not having enough confidence will give doubts to the narrator. With my experience, my narrator realized that I stuttered as I ask him a question. Such, he decided to take control of the interview by talking about the issues even without being asked; he asked about the topics I need to be covered before the interview started. Due to the lack of confidence, I, the interviewer, did not do my job successfully.

The second lesson I learned from the practice interview assignment, is by not being focused to the narrator can lead to drifting of thoughts. In addition, the location we set made my attention divided. After 10 minutes in the interview, my thoughts started going astray and it made me not to ask follow up questions when needed. Also, the location we chose, where cars passing by, distracted me and this as well made my thoughts disorganized. Thus, not being focused added to one of the reasons why the narrator ended up leading the interview.

In addition to not being confident and not focused, another lesson that I learned is to be prepared. The questions I formed were not well thought out, the location was a last minute decision and the mind set was absent before and during the interview. These reasons that made the interview not fully successful, made me learn lessons and realize...
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