Career Center Interview Presentation

Topics: Interview, Communication, Nonverbal communication Pages: 4 (1443 words) Published: December 23, 2012
Career Center Interview Presentation Paper
My approach to this presentation paper is informative. I believe an informative presentation paper will be most effective over the persuasive style paper because I did not pick one field in particular to expand on, I chose to inform on basic interview techniques in general. The interview is the most important part of the hiring process and I look at it as the second step in the process. The first step is having a “standout” resume that draws your potential employer in your direction. Once you have accomplished this you get to the interview process. Preparing for the interview is necessary for a successful interview. The first step is to research the company you are going to be interviewing with. This prepares a person by having some knowledge of the company. From the information you have gained in your research formulate a few questions that you can ask your potential employer at the interview. This will show the potential employer that you have done your research and this will look impressive to the potential employer. The most common type of interview is the one on one, face to face interview. This type of interview has the potential employer and potential employee sitting face to face asking questions and answering questions from both sides. Every so often an interviewer may throw in a twist in the interview process by having you interview with a group of people instead of a one on one interview. He/she may also ask you to join into team activities during your interview. There is a reason for this. By being involved in team activities the interviewer can see how you react in a team setting and how you participate. The effect organizational communication will have on an interview varies from company to company. A company with strong organizational communication skills will let these show at the interview by the questions they will ask. The interviewer is going to try and find out if you are on the same...

References: Displo; organizational communication retrieved from exercise/overview
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