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Topics: Temperature, Fahrenheit, Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Siddharth Tirumala
Mrs. Kiriazis
IB1 Biology
22 August 2013
Diffusion Lab Write-Up
Research Question: How does the temperature of the water affect the diffusion of food coloring? Hypothesis: Food coloring will dissolve faster as the temperature of the water increases. Variables:

Name of Variable| What is it?| How is it measured?| Units| Range of the data| Independent | Temp. of Water | Thermometer | oC (Celsius)| | Dependent | Rate of diffusion of food coloring | Stopwatch | Min (Minutes)| |

Controlled variables in the experiment include the type of beaker used (150mL max), the amount of water used for each trial (100mL), and the amount of drops of food coloring used for each trial (2 drops). These things were necessary to keep the same in the experiment because if they were changed, it would skew the data and make it inaccurate. Procedure:

1. Get all materials (150mL beaker, food coloring, thermometer, 100mL of water, hot plate, stopwatch) 2. Fill beaker with 100ml of water. and measure the temperature of it (21°C right from the sink). 3. Drop two drops of food coloring, start the stopwatch, and measure how long it takes for the food coloring to completely diffuse. 4. Once finished, get rid of the water and do another trial. 5. Once done with the second trial, fill beaker with 100mL again. 6. Heat water to 30 degrees Celsius and drop two drops of food coloring, start the stopwatch, and measure how long diffusion takes. 7. Do another trial.

8. Repeat steps 2-4 for 40 and 50 degrees Celsius.
9. Once finished collecting data, clean up messes and put away materials. Data:
Raw Data:
Temperature (°C)| Diffusion of Food Coloring Trial 1 (s)| Diffusion of Food Coloring Trial 2 (s)| 21°C| 250 s| 243 s|
30°C| 147 s| 143 s|
40°C| 56 s| 63 s|
50°C| 45 s| 40 s|

Calculated Data:
Temperature (°C)| Diffusion of Food Coloring Trial Average (s)| 21°C| 246.5 s|
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