5.05 Mixtures and Solutions Lab Report

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5.05 Mixtures and Solutions Lab Report
5.05 Mixtures & Solutions Lab Report
By Nathan Mitchell 4/23/15
Background Information & Research
1. Paper Chromatography is a method used for the separation of colors which are also referred to as colored chemicals/substances or pigments. This method is used for experiments, to identify coloring agents and to separate out a compound into its various components.
2. 3 real-world uses for paper chromatography include forensic testing, performance enhancing drug testing, and Ebola immunization.
3. References:
Purpose of Lab
The purpose of this lab is to determine which color travels further up on the strip of paper due to the reaction of the different solvents (1% salt solution and alcohol).
1. Candy with a colored coating, like Skittles® or M&Ms® (4 different colors)
2. Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
3. Coffee filters (2)
4. Tall glasses or plastic cups (2)
5. Pencil
6. Ruler
7. Tape
8. Foil or paper plate
9. Table salt
10. Water
11. Toothpicks or cotton swabs (4)
12. Measuring cups/spoons
13. Clean pitcher or 2-liter bottle
1. I cut 2 strips of coffee filter paper to 3 cm by 9 cm.
2. I placed 5 drops of water equally distant on a paper plate and placed each of the colored candy on top of the drops.
3. I drew a 1 cm line from the edge of 1 strip of paper.
4. I drew 5 pencil dots along the line I just made about .5 cm apart. Then I labeled the candy to the dots (O-orange, Y-yellow, G-green, R-red, P-purple).
5. For each of the 5 colors, I dipped them onto the correctly labeled dot on the strip of paper and allowed the paper to dry. I repeated this step 3 times for each color.
6. I then created the 1% salt solution.
7. I poured the salt solution into a glass and laid a pencil across the top of the glass.
8. I then taped the strip of paper to the

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