Physics Egg-Drop Report

Topics: Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, Egg Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: September 10, 2013
I. Problem/Purpose

“In this experiment we want to investigate __________________________. We will change the ____________ and measure the ____________, while keeping the _________ constant”

II. Prediction

“We predict that the straws would take in all the impact force, it’s because the straws has many collapsing points. This would help sustain in the eggs inside.

III. Materials
* Sponge
* Straws
* Plastic tape
* Duct tape
* Yarn strings
* 2 Eggs
IV. Procedure
1. Dig two small holes in the sponge to put the eggs.
2. Put an egg in each hole and then the sponges left to make the hole on top of the egg. 3. Duct tape the hole to seal the eggs.
4. Tape the straws in each vertical and horizontal sides of the sponge. 5. The tape the others straws to the straws attached to the vertical and horizontal sides of the sponge and (TRY TO BE CREATIVE) make any kind of shape with the straws outside the sponge. 6. Lastly, the finishing touches is to tie a 2 inch yarn string in each vortex of the straws so that the straws will hold out the force of impact when it falls. 7. DONT FORGET to check if the eggs are completely seal with duct tape and straws is strong enough to hold the impact when it falls down. V. Data

VI. Graphical Representation and calculations
VII. Analysis/Conclusion
* Our first model was just two sponges keeping the eggs safe but many students did that idea and so the Mr. Felix will deduct our points. Then we change to one sponge and straws creating a dome shape around the sponge to keep the egg safe. At the day before the real fall we tested it out in school on Sunday and it worked. On the real fall we broke our egg because we used the two eggs for our first model and second model so it broke on its third time of the fall. We were given a chance, so our second real fall with two new eggs were successful.

So the conclusion is don’t use eggs which were already used in a fall...
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