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Topics: Sucrose, Glucose Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Tim Readmond
AP Biology Lab Report

a.Modeling Diffusion and Osmosis
a.If one places a 1.0 M solution of glucose inside a bag and then places that bag into a beaker containing a 1.0 M solution of sucrose, the percent of mass lost in the bag is 10.5%. The solution in the bag is hypertonic while the solution in the beaker is hypertonic, which is why water moves from the bag to the beaker and the bag loses mass. b.The purpose of this experiment is to see whether or not temperature plays a role in the percent change during diffusion or osmosis. c.If the temperature of the sucrose solution in the beaker increases, then the percent change from diffusion will increase as well. III.Materials and Procedures

a.4 250mL beakers
1 M sucrose
1 M glucose
Dialysis tubing
Hot Plate
b.Fill 4 dialysis tubes 2/3 of the way with 1 M glucose solution. Fill 4 beakers with 100 mL of 1 M sucrose. Weigh all four bags before placing them into beakers. Record temperature of room temperature sucrose and place one bag into that beaker for ten minutes. After ten minutes, take the bag out, dry, and weigh. Heat up two beakers of sucrose solution to two different temperatures, record the temperatures, and place the bags in for ten minutes. After ten minutes, take the bags out, dry, and weigh. Cool down one beaker full of sucrose with ice, record the temperature, and place the last bag into the beaker. After ten minutes, take the bag out, dry, and weigh. c.The control is the room temperature beaker and the only variable that is changed in the experiment is the temperature at which the sucrose solutions are at. IV.Results/ Data Collection/ Analysis

Beaker Number123Control
Solution in BeakerSucroseSucroseSucroseSucrose
Solution in BagGlucoseGlucoseGlucoseGlucose
Initial Mass of Bag7.22 g.7.67 g.3.44 g.6.65 g.
Final Mass of Bag6.87 g.7.12 g.3.41 g.6.58 g.
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