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BIOL 1208
Writing Assignment 1
Cover Sheet
I certify that the writing in this assignment is my individual work and is my intellectual property. It does not contain the ideas or writing of other individuals/authors. _________________________________________________________

Lab Section #
Lab Partner
BIOL 1208 Writing Assignment 1
Results Worksheet
These are to be written individually even if you worked in a group. Lab Topic: ________________________________________________
What was your null hypothesis? be specific
A change in temperature in the reaction of catechol and catecholase will not change the absorbance of reaction over time. What was your alternative hypothesis? be specific
As the environment and temperature is changed from 0 °c to 20°c to 95°c, the absorbance of catechol and catecholase reaction will increase over time. The rate of reaction increases as the temperature increases. Results:

What were the main trends or patterns in your data (Results)?
In the Icebath reaction at 0°c has a mean concentration (which is calculated by [(absorbance-0.014)/1.0905]) of 0.824mM at 0 seconds and a mean concentration of 0.263mM at 180 seconds. This pattern of concentration increasing as the time increases is seen in the other two temperatures as well. In the reaction at 20°c (room temperature) at 0 seconds the mean concentration is 0.118mM and at 180 seconds the mean concentration is 0.525mM. This reaction at room temperature had the highest final concentration value of all the reactions. Lastly, in the water bath reaction at 95°c the absorbance along with the concentration increases over time, just like in the other temperatures. The water bath reaction at 95°c has a mean concentration of 0.361mM at 0 seconds and a mean concentration of 0.400mM at 180 seconds.

What were the important results relative to your hypotheses (Conclusions)? What was important about the results of...
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