Corn and Milk Lab

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Corn and Milk Lab
Whats the relation between milk and corn?

Purpose:To identify the chemical relationship between corn and milk and how one can be turned into the other.

If I test corn for nutrients then it will test possitive for starch,lipids and fats but negative for protein because it only consist of those nutrients and not the other. If I test milk for nutrients then it will test possitive for lipids,protein,and fats but negative for starch because it consists of those nutrients.


2 safety goggles
1 eye dropper
Heat source
2 beakers
4 test tubes
1 test tube clamp
1 test tube rack
1 glass stirring rod
3 teaspoons canned whole-kernel corn
10 ml fresh, whole,pasteurized milk
1 small biuret reagent
1 small benedicts solution
1 small bottle iodine
1 small bottle sudan 4
1 blender


1)Heat water in a graduated cylinder .
2)Blend your corn in the blender and add as much water so that it turns into a liquid.
3)Pour 10 ml of fresh milk into a container.
4)Label a set of four test tubes the following: Milk +,Corn +,Milk -, corn -
5)Pour a little amount of each of the substances into their test tube, add 30 drops of water with a pipet.
6)Use a clean pipet for each indicator,add 15 drops of each indicator to the test tubes
7)Place your test tubes in the heated water.
8)Record your observations.
9)Repeat steps 4-8 for trials 2 and 3.

Experimental control: Possitive and negative control. Controlled variables: Same amount of: water drops, corn , milk , solution and the type of water. Manipulated Variable: Food (Corn and Milk) Responding variable: Color




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