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Chapter 17 Summary

Van Helsing brings everyone together in this chapter. Mina and Jonathan are staying with Seward at the asylum, and journals are exchanged. Reading Jonathan’s journal of his time at Castle Dracula, Seward begins to connect the strange count with the nearby Carfax estate. He realizes that his neighbor may in fact be Count Dracula, and speculates about the connection between the vampire and his patient, Renfield. Jonathan tracks the fifty boxes of dirt that were shipped from Transylvania to their present location in the chapel of the Carfax estate. Mina is pleased to note that Jonathan’s activity has improved his health and he seems his former self again. At the end of the chapter, Arthur (now Lord Godalming since his father died) arrives with Quincey Morris. Mina’s maternal feelings are roused by Arthur’s obvious grief over Lucy’s death, and she holds him while he weeps. Later, she also comforts Quincey Morris, whom she knows was equally in love with Lucy.

Chapter 18 Summary

Having transcribed all of Seward’s diaries, Mina is now very curious about Renfield. She requests permission to visit with him, and Seward cannot refuse Jonathan’s “wonderful wife.” Before she enters the patient’s room, Renfield says he wants to “tidy up,” which he does by rapidly eating his collection of spiders and flies. Seward is fascinated by Renfield’s change of manner and attitude with Mina present. Suddenly, his “pet lunatic” speaks coherently of philosophy and sounds like a “polished gentleman.” Renfield even confesses his mania for “the blood of life,” but in a lucid, intelligent way which makes it appear that the doctor has helped him see the folly of his ways. Renfield bids Mina a very gracious farewell when they depart to meet Van Helsing at the train station.

Van Helsing praises Mina’s fine work in transcribing and gathering the various threads of Dracula-related information. He hopes,...

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