Cast of Characters

Count Dracula: The antagonist of the novel, Dracula is an aristocratic Transylvanian vampire who has lived for hundreds of years. He survives by drinking human blood, and decides to take up residence in England because it is much more densely populated than the remote region of the Carpathian Mountains, where Castle Dracula is located. He has superhuman physical strength and the ability to transform himself into various animals, or into mist. However, he is powerless in the face of Christian iconography such as the crucifix or Communion wafer. He is also powerless during daylight hours, and cannot enter a home unless he is invited into it.

Jonathan Harker: A young solicitor from London who is sent to Transylvania by his firm in order to negotiate the sale of a London property to Count Dracula. Harker becomes imprisoned by Dracula, during which time he gains glimpses of the count’s monstrous nature. He manages to escape, is reunited with his fiancée Mina, and later joins forces with Van Helsing and company to destroy Dracula.

Mina Murray/ Harker: Jonathan’s intelligent, devoted, and industrious fiancée, later his wife. Mina is also Lucy’s best friend, and witnesses Dracula’s initial attack on Lucy, although she does not understand its significance at the time. Later, Mina becomes instrumental in bringing together the various documents that help unravel the mystery surrounding Count Dracula. For a time, she is also his victim, but ultimately avoids becoming a vampire and goes on to live a happy life with Jonathan.

Professor Abraham Van Helsing: A renowned Dutch professor who lives in Amsterdam. The mentor of Dr. Seward, he is called into the story when Lucy Westenra becomes mysteriously ill. Van Helsing correctly identifies Lucy’s malady as the result of a vampire attack. Because Van Helsing’s mind is open to the possibility of supernatural occurrences, he is instrumental in understanding, tracking down, and ultimately destroying Count...

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