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1. What is Jonathan Harker’s reason for traveling to Castle Dracula in Transylvania?

a. He has been sent to investigate the castle.

b. He is negotiating a real estate purchase for Count Dracula.

c. He is considering moving to Transylvania after his marriage.

2. What does the innkeeper give to Jonathan before he leaves for Castle Dracula?

a. Holy Communion wafers

b. A crucifix

c. The Bible

3. What does Dracula angrily throw out the window of Jonathan’s room?

a. A razor blade

b. Jonathan’s diary

c. A shaving mirror

4. What is Mina Murray’s profession?

a. Schoolmistress

b. Secretary

c. Nurse

5. How many marriage proposals does Lucy Westenra receive?

a. One

b. Two

c. Three

6. What distressing habit does Lucy have?

a. Sleepwalking

b. Talking in her sleep

c. Lying to her fiancé

7. Which of the following characters is not one of Lucy’s suitors?

a. Abraham Van Helsing

b. Quincey Morris

c. John Seward

8. How does Lucy’s mother die?

a. Count Dracula preys on her.

b. She suffers a heart attack from shock.

c. Natural old age

9. What does Van Helsing arrange around...

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