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Chapter 12 Summary

When Seward and Van Helsing arrive at the Westenra’s home the next day, Lucy is once again near death. Neither Van Helsing nor Seward have the blood to spare for another transfusion. Fortuitously, Quincey Morris arrives, having been summoned by a telegram from Arthur. Since Arthur cannot leave his dying father’s side, he has asked Morris to check on Lucy. Morris gives Lucy a transfusion, but it does not work as well this time as it has in the past. She is weakened by the grief at her mother’s death and cannot recover her strength. Arthur is sent for, and his presence cheers her up somewhat, even though his father has just died, as well.

A letter from Mina to Lucy announces that the newly married Harkers are back in England. Renfield escapes the asylum again, accosting two men near the Carfax estate who are carrying wooden boxes of earth. As Lucy’s death approaches, the puncture marks on her neck fade away. Seductively, she asks Arthur to kiss her, but Van Helsing grabs Arthur and pulls him away, saying, “Not for your life! Not for your living soul or hers!” Van Helsing instructs Arthur to kiss Lucy on the forehead, and only once. He does so, and she dies soon after. When Seward says that Lucy is now at peace, Van Helsing replies ominously that “It is only the beginning!”

Chapter 13 Summary

Before Lucy is buried, Van Helsing covers her with garlic and puts a crucifix into her mouth. He tells Seward that after the funeral, they will have to cut off her head and take her heart out. When Van Helsing revisits her body—which is laid out at the undertaker’s—the next day, the crucifix has been stolen. He tells Seward, therefore, that they cannot perform their strange “autopsy” now, but must wait and see what happens. Seward and Arthur both notice that Lucy looks even more beautiful now than ever, and find it hard to believe that she is really dead.

The narration turns to Mina’s diary. She and Jonathan...

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