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Dracula, by Bram Stoker, is a classic gothic novel, originally published in 1897. The novel focuses on a group of men following and, ultimately, killing a vampire named Dracula. The readers learn fairly early in the book that vampires have supernatural powers and limitations they face. When Jonathan Harker, the first character met in the novel, goes to Dracula’s castle, he witnesses most of Dracula’s strengths and weaknesses. A few chapters in, the readers meet a bug-eating mental patient named Renfield. Renfield soon becomes one of the most important characters in the book. The supernatural powers and restrictions faced by vampires are an essential aspect of the novel, along with the role of Renfield.

Bram Stoker set the standards for all future vampires by writing Dracula, demonstrating the vampires’ powers throughout the novel. The main character, Count Dracula, is the core of all vampires. Jon Harker, a businessman, is the first to realize that Dracula has supernatural powers. Since Dracula is technically walking dead, it is to his advantage that no one can see his reflection. Jonathan realizes this when Dracula enters the room unnoticed while Jon is shaving. Jonathan doesn’t see him come in, although the mirror he is using covers the entire room behind him. Later on in the book, Jonathan discovers the Count’s body “looking as if his youth had been half-renewed.” Dracula’s body becomes renewed through the fresh blood of innocent humans on which he preys. Another example of a supernatural power is Dracula’s changing of formations. When attempting to kill Lucy slowly, Dracula changes into the form of a bat. Lucy wakes up and complains of flapping and harsh sounds at the window at night. Vampires in the novel also have extreme powers such as speed and strength. Jonathan witnesses Dracula crawl down the castle wall, using his cloak as wings. Although Dracula’s powers make vampirism appealing to humanity, vampires also face a vast array of limitations. For...
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