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Chapter 24 Summary

Van Helsing realizes that Dracula must have headed back to Transylvania with the last box of earth. He tracks him to a Russian ship called Czarina Catherine, headed for Varna, the same port from which Dracula sailed on the Demeter. Van Helsing calls everyone together for a strategic meeting. He believes that they must pursue Dracula and destroy him, not only for Mina’s sake, but for the good of mankind. He does not think that Mina should accompany the men on their hunt, since she has already suffered so much from her exposure to Dracula. Mina, however, insists on joining them, pointing out that her telepathic connection with the vampire is an invaluable tool. She wants to be left out of the planning stages, though. Since the red mark remains on Mina’s forehead, she feels sure that Dracula has the same power that she has—a telepathic connection with her thoughts and movements.

Finally, Van Helsing agrees to bring Mina along. The men plan to board the Czarina Catherine the next day. Quincey Morris says that as soon as he sees the coffin, he will not hesitate to tear it open and kill the demon instantly. Van Helsing praises him for being “all man.” At the end of the chapter, Jonathan writes in his journal that he has written his will and settled his affairs in case he should die in the effort to destroy Dracula.

Chapter 25 Summary

The group prepares to begin their journey. Mina calls everyone to her room and asks them to promise that they will destroy her, as they did Lucy, if she turns into a vampire. The men all solemnly pledge to do so. Over the next several days, the group travels to Russia via the Orient Express. Mina sleeps often, and her health is fragile. In Varna they await the arrival of the Czarina Catherine, but after a week they learn that the ship has skipped Varna and docked in Galatz. Van Helsing surmises that Dracula’s mental connection with Mina must have tipped the vampire off as to their plan. He is...

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