"Explain Where There May Be Conflicts Or Dilemmas In Relation To Sharing Information With Partners And Maintaining Confidentiality" Essays and Research Papers

Explain Where There May Be Conflicts Or Dilemmas In Relation To Sharing Information With Partners And Maintaining Confidentiality

effective communication and information sharing in services for children and young people. 2.1 – Describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required: Clear and effective communication between partners is required because you have to share information about children’s learning and development, this is particularly important because when sharing information it is crucial that there are no mistakes made as this can then affect the information that has been shared and also...

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Explain Where There May Be Conflicts or Dilemmas in Relation to Sharing Information with Partners and Maintaining Confidentiality

privacy. The preschool assistant should had invited the parent to a meeting where she should had discussed the matter privately. If the preschool assistant after his/her observations over longer time comes to conclusion that it will be in child's best interest to seek professional advice she/he should report it to her/his manager. The preschool can seek consent from a person with parental responsibility to sharing information with other organisation. If carefully recorded observations on the child...

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Special Education and Information

explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people It is important to work in partnership with others because all agencies can share information and concerns to create a holistic view about children and young people in their care when any need arises, to help to keep the children safe from harm and promote their welfare, to diagnose a special need quickly in children and get the help that is needed to the child/family as soon as possible without confusing...

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Explain legal and ethical tensions between maintaining confidentiality and sharing information

1.2 Explain how to support effective communication within your own job role. Communication is constantly happening within the day care centre and in my job role I have a responsibility to communicate with staff, service users and other professionals. I use various forms of communication but I also seek to make sure that it is understood. Communication has got to be understood before it can be effective and so I try to ensure comprehension when I am verbally speaking by getting staff to repeat...

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Confidentiality And Information Sharing

 Confidentiality & Information Sharing:  Much has been written about both the importance of confidentiality and information sharing, and people are often confused by what is meant. It can also be confusing trying to decided what it is ok to share and in what circumstances. Starting right It is helpful to start any professional relationship by telling people what you mean by confidentiality, and in what circumstance you might need to share information with colleagues or those outside of the...

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Ethical Dilemma

Ethical Dilemma Derrick SUNY Empire State College Patient confidentiality has become an integral aspect of healthcare ethical standards since the HIPPA law came into being. (Erikson 2005). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursingworld, 2005). When a patient’s confidentiality is violated, his/ her wellbeing is negatively impacted. Patient confidentiality encompasses...

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Confidentiality: Abuse and Data Protection Act

Confidentiality Task 1: What confidentiality means:- Confidentiality means keeping information given by or about an individual in the course of a professional relationship secure and safe from others. There are eight principals of good practice and anyone processing personal information must comply with them. The eight principals of good practice • fairly and lawfully processed • processed for limited purposes • adequate, relevant and not excessive • accurate and up to date •...

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Ethical Dilemmas

232 February 27, 2013 Ethical Dilemmas in the Protect of Medical Privacy This ethical dilemma paper I wanting to discuss the issue that I have seen in my current profession as a Nurse’s Aide. In my profession I have come across patients that have the active HIV/AIDS virus and have not told their partners, husband, or wife that they have this sexual incurable disease. Yet, because of laws that I am to abide by such as HIPAA I cannot release that information to their significant other without...

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Ethical Issues on Confidentiality

Ethical Issues on Confidentiality: Research and Medical Procedures Al Borbs HCS/335 January 20,2014 Ethical Issues on Confidentiality: Research and Medical Procedures A guiding principle followed by most administrators and health care providers is the concept that ethical principles must match the values of the whole organization. This belief should serve as a continuous teaching to all staff so that the organization’s goals may be uniformly achieved...

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Tour De Georgia and Young People

1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people 1.2 Identify who relevant partners would be in own work setting 1.3 Define the characteristics of effective partnership working 1.4 Identify barriers to partnership working Level Credit value Learning outcomes The learner will: 1. Understand partnership working within the context of services for children and young people 2. Understand the importance of effective communication and information sharing...

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CU701 - Storing and Retrieving information

1.1 Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information 1.2 Describe different information systems and their main features 1.3 Explain the purpose of legal and organisational requirements for the security and confidentiality of information 1.4 Explain the purpose of confirming information to be stored and retrieved 1.5 Describe ways of checking information for accuracy 1.6 Explain the purpose of checking information for accuracy 1.7 Explain the purpose of providing information to agreed...

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where to ger additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas

Explain how inclusive practise promotes equality and supports diversity. Inclusive practise is the inclusion of all individuals within the class regardless of their ability level. To promote inclusion is to help children to have positive attitudes towards differences and so reduce the likelihood that they will develop prejudiced views. We can achieve this by: -Extending children’s knowledge and understanding both of people who are like themselves and of people who are different from themselves...

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Unit 012

Unit 012 Outcome 1 1. Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. It is important for to work in partnership with others to help children and young people grow and expand in their communication development. Children and young people will see others working with one another which will make them want to mimic this with their peers, resulting in a lot more teamwork and sharing. If it is in partnership with another service such as SENCO or speech and...

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Unit 012

Unit 012 Outcome 1 AC1) Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. It is important to work in partnership when caring for children and young people because it is vital that we make sure that the child is being cared for at the highest possible level. For example if we have a suspicion that a child is being neglected but we keep this suspicion to ourselves instead of informing the correct people, then maybe this case would never be solved and outcome...

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respect people's right to confidentiality." "You must ensure people are informed about how and why information is shared by those who will be providing their care." "You must disclose information if you believe someone may be at risk of harm, in line with the law of the country in which you are practising." Confidentiality A duty of confidence arises when one person discloses information to another in circumstances where it is reasonable to expect that the information will be held in confidence...

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Ethics and Confidentiality

keeping patient confidentiality is of the upmost concern. It is an important feature of the nurse -patient relationship and must be maintain as basis of providing care. Confidentiality is described as respecting other people’s secret and keeping security information gathered from individuals in the privileged circumstances of a professional relationship. (Lee and Godbold , 2012). The privacy act offer nurses some flexibility in using professional opinion regarding disclosure of information; however safe...

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Ethical Dilemma Working with Hiv Positive Client

of his partners about this. Isn’t it my ethical responsibility to inform someone that he is, in effect, dangerous to others? Selected Ethical Decision Making Model – Forester-Miller and Davis (1996) Step 1: Identify the Problem - (1) client may possible of transmitting contagious disease (HIV) to third parties through sexual encounter, if demonstrating in high risk behaviour (2) uncertain of client’s intention to protect others (3) uncertain if client has knowledge on the need for partner notification/counselling...

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Confidentiality and Information

Confidentiality 1) Confidentiality means that whatever information you hold on someone must not be shared with others. Information must be kept safe and private. You can only pass on information about someone if they have given their consent. 2) The Data Protection Act 1998 & 2003 is mandatory and has eight principles. These principles dictate how information is to be handled. Information should only be used for the use it was intended, it must not be given to anyone else without...

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Privacy and Confidentiality

 Privacy and Confidentiality As nurses we are required to adhere to the standards and guidelines set forth by the College of Nurses of Ontario. These practices and standards have been implemented in order to support the nurses in providing safe and ethical care to the public. In the assigned case study, Irene is a nurse facing privacy and confidentiality issues. Irene is working in a facility environment where her integrity and professionalism is being constantly challenged. It is...

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Young People

1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people Partnership is driven by a desire for collaborative advantage and can offer many positive outcomes, like benefits for staff and services such as less replication between different service providers. It helps them see others point of view and it keeps them from being selfish, it helps young people interact with others to achieve a goal, and it helps them develop socially. It’s important to work in partnership...

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barriers and information 2.9

1.2 Identify who relevant partners would be in own work setting Social services Carers SENCO Speech Therapist Ofsted Health Visitor GP (Doctor) Paediatrician Physiotherapist Identify who relevant partners would be in your own work setting In are pre-school setting the relevant partners are as follows Child and adolescent mental health services (camhs) Health visitors GPs and GP nurses Social Services and or social worker Police Educational psychologist Teachers Early years...

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Childcare Unit 012 Outcome 2

Partnership Working in Services for Children and Young people. Understand the importance of effective communication and information sharing in services for children and young people. Describe why clear and effective communication between partners is required: Effective communication between partners is most important, it is to make sure that everyone will: Share information in a clear way that focuses on the individual child or young person. Work towards the same aim: achieve the best positive...

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Ehtical and Legal Aspect of a Scenario Where a Gp Has a Dilemma of Disclosing His Patients Hiv Status to His Partner

This is an interesting but complex scenario where professional, ethical, legal, individual rights and public safety considerations are in interplay. The sheer volume of duty of care involved is paramount. a. I will attempt first and foremost indentify all the stakeholders involved in the scenario. b. Explore the Ethical aspect of the scenario with focus on the utilitarian approach and how it impacts on the individual players in the scenario c. Explore how the deontological approach support...

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Shc34-1.1 Explain What It Means to Have a Duty of Care in Own Work Role

SHC34 SHC34-1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role. A duty of care is a legal obligation imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeable harm others. A definition from Wikipedia Examples how we do this in my setting. Within our setting we carry out daily checks to ensure that the environment inside and outside is safe before the morning session starts. We have daily cleaning...

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Anti-Discriminatory practice. -Maintaining confidentiality of information. -Respect and acknowledging individual choice, culture, Identity and beliefs. -Promoting effective communication and relationships. -Promoting empowerment. Confidentiality is ensuring service users private information is only accessible on a need to know basis and is protected from those who are not authorised to view the private information. It also means not revealing private or personal information. It is used to force a...

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What Is the Morality Behind Patient Confidentiality?

What is The Morality behind Patient Confidentiality? Name: Course: Tutor: Date: What is The Morality behind Patient Confidentiality? Introduction Patient confidentiality is one of the pillars of modern medical profession. It implies that the medical practitioner is under the obligation to keep his patient’s medical profile confidential. The main reason is to help the patient maintain his privacy. However, there have been numerous cases...

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Legal and Organizational Requirements on Equality, Diversity, Discrimination, Rights , Confidentiality and Sharing of Information in Relation to Managing and Developing Yourself and Your Workforce

1. 1 Legal and organizational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination, rights , confidentiality and sharing of information in relation to managing and developing yourself and your workforce Legislation forms a framework which all care homes must adhere to; this is carried out in many guises and includes many parliamentary acts such as human rights act 1998 and the mental health act 1993, these acts are designed to protect and promote rights and responsibilities of people within a...

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1. Explain the Importance of Multi-Agency Working and Integrated Working. Type Your Answer Here: |

overview The unit is designed to enable the learner to understand the importance of multi-agency and integrated working and to develop the skills of effective communication for professional purposes. It includes and assesses competence in information sharing between those involved in work with children and young people. Tasks There are two tasks to this assignment. A Short questions B Report Assignment coverage Task Task name Learning outcomes covered A Short questions...

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MU 2.9 Understand partnership working in services for children and young people

working in services for children and young people. 1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. Agencies working with one another in partnership is important as it enables information and concerns to be shared, this helps with the overall development of the child. It can be used to keep a child safe from harm,(every child matters Victoria Climbie no agencies involved in her care shared information which resulted in her tragic death).It can identify...

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Explain What Is Means to Have a Duty of Care in Own Work Role

Unit SHC 34 Principles for implementing duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings 1.1 Explain what is means to have a duty of care in own work role | As a childminder I have a duty of care to keep all my minded children safe, healthy and comfortable while making sure their rights are guarded. I have a duty of care to keep children from harm whether physical or psychological. I carry out risk assessments in my home and when out and about to avoid potential...

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When Is It Ok to Break Confidentiality?

When is it OK to Break Confidentiality? Confidentiality is central to trust between doctors, medical team and patients. Patients have a right to expect that information about them will be held in confidence. The birth of the Hippocratic Oath in the fourth century started the responsibility of physicians to preserve the privacy and confidentiality of their patients. One of the provisions of the Oath lays the ethical foundation for the physician’s duty of confidentiality even beyond the circumstances...

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Understand Legislation, Policies and Procedures for Confidentiality and Sharing Information Including Data Protection

legislation, policies and procedures for confidentiality and sharing information including data protection.  Why it is important to reassure children, young people and adults about confidentiality and why it may need to be breached. For the home country England there are many policies and procedures within the legislation that relate to safeguarding human rights, data protection and confidentiality. These have been refined into every school...

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Explain the Legal, Ethical and Operational Issues in Relation to the Use of Information.

POLICIES In this assignment I will explain the legal, ethical and operational issues in relation to the use of information. Legal issues Legal issues are various items of legislation (law) to protect the use of business information. Data protection act 1998 Many business store information about people, whether it’s for potential customers or previous clients. The data protection act protects the information held about people from being misused. The information businesses store on databases need...

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Partnership Working

locations or explain their situation a number of times and they have a wider network of support if they need it. 1.2 Relevant partners in own work setting: 1. Midwifery - Throughout the week a midwifery clinic takes place in the centre where expectant mums from the community can come for their routine checks 2. Health visitors – Once a week a health visitor clinic is held at the centre where mums can have their babies weighed and enquire about any issues or concerns that they may have. 3. Support...

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analyse the essential features of information sharing agreements within and between organisations

use systems for effective information management. 4.2 Analyse the essential features of information sharing agreements within and between organisations. I understand that Certain information will need to be shared between Staff and outside organisations and that information can only be disclosed if it is in the residents best interests or for the protection of others or in the interest of public health, investigation, or if a serious crime committed. All Information should only ever be shared...

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Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient Confidentiality: Ethical Implications to Nursing Practice Patient confidentiality is a fundamental practice in healthcare and it is integral part of healthcare ethical standards (Purtilo & Dougherty, 2010). According to the American Nurses Association (ANA) code of ethics “the nurse has a duty to maintain confidentiality of all patient information” (Nursing world, p.6). Also, when a patient confidentiality...

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Handle Information Level2

Handle information in health and social care settings HSC 028 ALL OUTCOMES IN RED ARE OBSERVATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY YOUR ASSESSOR. THE INFORMATION GIVEN INDICATES THE TYPES OF THINGS YOUR ASSESSOR WILL BE LOOKING FOR Understand the need for secure handling of information in health and social care settings OUTCOME 1 Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 The data protection...

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The Importance of Confidentiality and Data Protection

private information about both the children and families with whom they work with. This information may of been picked up from the children themselves, or told directly to the childminder from the parents, or other professionals such as teachers, providing the parents have given them consent to do so. The upmost crucial characteristic of confidentiality is not passing on or sharing information about either the child or their families with other people. All information that you may have on a...

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SHC34 2.1 Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual's rights.

There are many conflicts or dilemmas that could arise between the duty of care and an individual's rights. A conflict is disharmony between two incompatible positions, ideas, people or interests. A dilemma is a difficult situation arising because of a clash between two opposite positions where no one answer will satisfy both parties. Conflicts and dilemmas that can arise include bad behaviour displayed by children attending the day care, parents and carers disagreeing about certain ideas about...

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legislation, confidentiality, self esteem) Please ensure work is referenced correctly, reflect on your own practice with the children as much as possible in order to link knowledge and practice. Check spelling and grammar and ensure that professional language is used throughout. TASK ONE SHC 31 (4.1, 4.3) CYP 3.6 (3.3) CYP 3.3 (4.3, 3.3) SHC34 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) (ERR – 2.4, 2.1) Explain the meaning of the term “confidentiality” Describe and analyse the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s...

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Ethical Dilemmas

Abstract Ethical dilemmas are a natural part of a human service provider’s career. In this paper we will explore the steps to identifying and solving an ethical dilemma. We will review statements from the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals, specific to client confidentiality. We will review the following four steps: Identify the Problem, Consulting with Colleagues or Experts, Identifying and Exploring Options, and Choosing a Course of Action. We will explore how each of the...

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Confidentiality Notes

principles that are related to confidentiality are- confidentiality is one of the most basic principles in health care practice and it is the most long-standing ethical dictum in health care codes of ethics. It is the practice of keeping harmful, shameful, or embarrassing patient information within proper bounds. The right to privacy gives legal standing to this ethical principle.). a reliable test for who among team members should be given certain types of information is need to know basis. It is...

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Unit 4222-209 Handle information in health and social care setting (HSC 028)

Unit 4222-209 Handle information in health and social care setting (HSC 028) Outcome 1 Understand the need for secure handling of information in health and social care Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing of information in health and social care The Data Protection Act 1998 covers anything relating to a person, medical records, social service records, credit information, local authority information. There are eight enforceable principles: Personal...

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Write an Essay on Confidentiality and the Boundaries of a Helping Relationship

with an opportunity to help deal with their difficulties, whatever they may be. It is a chance to be listened to and understood. As such, the helping relationship is an intimate one. It is built around trust and support and offers the helpee (client), a place free from judgment. Within a helping interaction where both the helpee and helper (counsellor) are committed to the healing process, the helpee will often divulge information of a very personal nature. Owing to this, the helper must establish boundaries...

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Ethical Dilemma

Model: 1. Identify the Problem: See Ethical Dilemma Handout 2. Potential Issues Involved: • Maria is a minor • No signed Informed Consent • Dual Relationship/ Neighbor • Rape • Underage Drinking • Possible Pregnancy and/or STD • Self mutilation • Rural community, cultural differences • Maria (client) asks not to inform parent/ legal guardian for fear of his reaction. • Father approaches therapist in an unprofessional setting and wants to information regarding his daughter. • Maria goes to...

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Employee relations

Employee Relations 16/04/2014 21/05/2014 Ms. Uzma Farooq Assignment No Assignment Title 1 Understand the context of employee relations against a changing background & Understand the nature of industrial conflict and its resolution In this assignment students will distinguish between unitary and pluralistic perspectives with reference to employee relations, learn the changes that have affected trade unionism and be able to explain the role of the main players in employee relations. Also...

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Analyzing a Professional Dilemma and Values Conflict

Analyzing a Professional Dilemma and Values Conflict University of Phoenix N/480 – Interdisciplinary Capstone Course Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concept Personally, organizational behavior is defined as being organized, to have a pattern or step by step process in daily actions. Weather I am at work, home or, on vacation I achieve better results when I am organized. In this paper I will discuss organizational behavior and culture, diversity, communication, business ethics...

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Parents as Partners

May. 5 EYMP1 Context and principles for Early Years Provision – parents as partners Context and principles for Early Years Provision – parents as partners 3.1 Explain the partnership model of working with carers. The early care and education of babies, toddlers and young children is shared among parents, families and practitioners. A partnership approach between these people is very important, especially at times of change in children’s lives. These times might include settling into a new...

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Handling information

 QUESTION- ( 1.1 ) Identify legislations and codes of practice that relate to handling information in health and social care ANSWER In order to answer the question above I am going to explain the meaning of Legislations: Definition of the word Legislations. Noun 1) An officially elected or otherwise selected body of people vested with the responsibility and power to make laws for a political unit, such as a state or nation 2) The process...

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Ethical Dilemma

Running head: Ethical Dilemma Ethical Dilemma Amber Norris Grand Canyon University February 24th, 2013 Ethical Dilemma All healthcare professionals take the Hippocratic Oath, in this oath it states that, “I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know.” (Miles, S. H. (2004) There are many different versions of this oath but the concept...

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Ethics of Confidentiality

Running head: ETHICS OF CONFIDENTIALITY Ethics of Confidentiality Stacy L. Reynolds Grand Canyon University: NRS437V March 24, 2012 Ethics of Confidentiality In a television episode of ER which aired on NBC in 2000, a nurse became aware of risky sexual behaviors that had led to a 14 year old girl having a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and cervical cancer. Prior to finding this information out, the nurse had promised the patient that she would not tell anyone about...

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Pwcs 38 – Understand How to Handle Information in a Social Care Setting

Unit 9. Promote Good Practice in Handling Information in Health & Social Settings PWCS 38 – Understand How to Handle Information in a Social Care Setting Identify the legislation and codes of practice within your care of environment that relate to handling information. Legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information in social care settings e.g. Data Protection Act 1998, Freedom of Information Act 2000, The Health and Social Care Act 2001 (and subsequent amendments in...

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Ethical Dilemma/Communication and Conflict Resolution Strategy

discuss the following: a) What are the important data in relation to this situation? b.) State the ethical dilemma in a clear simple statement (right vs. right) c.) What are the choices of action and how do they relate to specific ethical principles? D.) What are the consequences of these actions? e.) What decision would you make? (Please use principles discussed in Chapter 7 to answer this question.) A. What are the important data in relation to this situation? Base of the situation presented...

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The Security Dilemma and Ethnic Conflict

Main Points: End of the Col War has coincided with increased nationalist, ethnic, and religious conflict in Eurasia Serbs and Slovenians, Croatians and Bosnian Muslims What are the causes of the varying intergroup relations? Ancient hostilities is not a good enough explanation Posen using the classic realist concept of the Security Dilemma to form his article Using it to analyze the “special conditions that arise when groups of people suddenly find themselves newly responsible for their...

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Strategic Employee Relation

each other: This way people tend to talk with each other more, discuss things among themselves and thus the comfort level increases. Let them work together and take decisions on their own. A team leader should intervene only in extreme cases of conflicts and severe misunderstandings. Assign them targets and ask all your team members to contribute equally and achieve the target within the desired time frame. Motivate them to work in groups. This way employees have no other choice than to trust their...

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How Transaction Cost Economics and Social Network Analysis Can Inform the Partner Selection Process

Introduction With information mobility, borderless business expansion and rapid updates of technologies, increasing competition for technology-based companies is a well accepted phenomenon. In order to cope with this phenomenon, more technology-based companies form alliances or M&As, because they expect positive returns of it. The expected advantages of forming alliances are sharing partners’ strength, dispersing costs and risks, acquiring resources, and learning from partners. Quite in line with...

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Explain the Importance of Grievance Handling

Maintaining quality of work life for its employees is an important concern for the any organisation. The grievance handling procedure of the organisation can affect the harmonious environment of the organisation. The grievances of the employees are related to the contract, work rule or regulation, policy or procedure, health and safety regulation, past practice, changing the cultural norms unilaterally, individual victimization, wage, bonus, etc. Here, the attitude on the part of management in their...

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Duty of Care

Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role. To have a duty of care means to be accountable for the children and young people in our care by e.g. exercising authority, managing risks, working safely, safeguarding children and young people, monitoring own behaviour and conduct, maintaining confidentiality, storing personal information appropriately, reporting concerns and allegations, making professional judgements, maintaining professional boundaries, avoiding favouritism, maintaining...

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Unit 1 Confidentiality

Legislation and Policies Governing Confidentiality and the Sharing of Information: Data Protection Act 1998 Any organisation that holds information on individuals needs to be registered with the Information Commissioner. This is designed to ensure that confidential information cannot be passed onto others without the individual’s consent, or the parents or guardians consent with regard to children. Individuals also have the right to access personal data held on file about themselves, or in...

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Confidentiality and Data Protection Act

Confidentiality 1. Confidentiality is paramount when working with parents and children, and when dealing with sensitive issues. Confidentiality means not sharing information that is given to you without consent. Confidentiality is important because parents need to be able to trust us as practitioners to keep their information private. Confidentiality of any individuals who deal with the nursery is to be respected at all times, however if a child is believed to be at risk or has been harmed...

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