Explain Where There May Be Conflicts or Dilemmas in Relation to Sharing Information with Partners and Maintaining Confidentiality

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: January 12, 2013
As a mother I went to pick up my child from Preschool setting. Some parents and I were waiting in school yard. Children were coming and were greeted by their parents. The preschool assistant, not a first time, loudly called a father of a boy and referred to him that his child is horribly behaved, he ignored her and that he is spiteful. The father began to shout at his son, he aggressively pulled his son towards him and shook him and left the premises. As a mother I felt uneasy, frightened, scared, confused. The preschool assistant evoked negative polemics. Something’s not right. What? This situation should not arise at all.

The preschool assistant failed to protect child’s and parent’s privacy. The preschool assistant should had invited the parent to a meeting where she should had discussed the matter privately.

If the preschool assistant after his/her observations over longer time comes to conclusion that it will be in child's best interest to seek professional advice she/he should report it to her/his manager. The preschool can seek consent from a person with parental responsibility to sharing information with other organisation.

If carefully recorded observations on the child will show that there are repeated physical signs of abuse marks on arms or face or body (map must be created for future reference) it must be reported to manager. The consent from the person in parental responsibility is not required if there is suspicion it may place the child at greater risk.

Any information passed on a child must be recorded for future references. Any information passed on a child that may be concern must be discussed with Leading personal/Manager.

Me as a parent I complained to Preschool management because of their employee malpractice.

I was asked by parent at my preschool if she can take photographs of her child and child's friends. I agree with the parent on giving her phone numbers of children’s parents in question. She must seek...
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