• Agile
    Identifying Common Characteristics in Agile Software Development Methodologies email-inderjeet.bal@gmail.com Abstract: Agile development methodologies focus more on people and collaboration coupled with effectiveness and maneuverability, rather than formal, people-independent processes that advoc
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  • My Case for Agile
    My  Case  for  Agile  Methods Cary  Millsap Method  R  Corporation,  Southlake,  Texas,  USA http://twitter.com/CaryMillsap cary.millsap@method-r.com Revised  2011-­‐06-­‐10 The  most  recent  update  of  this  paper  is  available  
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  • Agile Development
    AGILE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 What is agile? 1 1.2 Evolution of agile concept 2 1.3 Traditional Vs Agile approach to looking at projects Theoretical approach 3 1.4 Values and Principles 3 2 Agile in software development industry 4 2.1 Stages
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  • Sdlc
    2 System Development Life Cycle Methodology Learning Objectives : • To introduce the general concepts of various approaches of systems development, their framework, advantages and disadvantages; • To explain in detail the phases involved in Systems Development Life Cycle(SDLC); â
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