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S9 – Tax Preparation
Taxes Are Us

‘Taxes Are Us’ is a small Tax Preparation Business located in Milton Delaware. The office primarily supports the population of Sussex County; however, the tax preparers are versatile and in addition to Federal tax support, offer tax support for the states of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, as well as Delaware. The office currently has over 600 customers. Taxes Are Us’ has been operating since 2008, and has three full-time employees and the owner working in the office. In 2008 when the office opened, five Dell computers were purchased. One of the Dell computers was purchased with a larger disk drive; that would serve as a central (back-up) depository for all tax prepared documents, for the entire office. The tax preparation software loaded on the computers is specialized software, but was purchased ‘commercial off the shelf’. Although tax season starts in January and runs to mid-April, the employees work 12 months per year, much of that time, studying the changes in federal and state(s) tax law.

Benefits and Disadvantages
The system works well; it was designed for small offices, and meets our requirements. The only negative impact is updating the software. The employees are all tax preparers, there is no IT staff. Our newest hire, also doubles as office administrator. She usually is involved with uploading the changes and updates to the computers. But because this is not her area of expertise, the process is often time-consuming, and mistakes are made. Holism vs. Reductionism

The developers of the software may have considered holism in the development process, but as a result of so many annual changes, I find it hard to agree. From the office perspective, there was little consideration. The owner reviewed the software capabilities on a website, and chose to purchase it immediately.

System Development Life Cycle

Implementation Method Employed by Organization. We worked closely with the vendor...
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