"Explain The Make Or Buy Decision Process And Describe How To Perform The Financial Calculations Involved In The Simple Lease Or Buy Example Provided In This Chapter What Are The Main Types Of Contrac" Essays and Research Papers

Explain The Make Or Buy Decision Process And Describe How To Perform The Financial Calculations Involved In The Simple Lease Or Buy Example Provided In This Chapter What Are The Main Types Of Contrac

term decisions --Make or buy decision analysis Introduction A main meaning of management accounting information is considered to support decision making for business organisations, for a foremost principle of rational decisions is the maximisation of financial benefits (Drury, 2009). This report will discuss the management accounting information and techniques used in short-term decision-making. Make or buy decision will be put forward in this report as one of typical short-term decision-making...

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Real Estate and Capital Structure Decisions – Lease-Versus-Buy Analysis

Introduction Overview This case provides real estate market data for the analysis of an office lease-or-buy decision. The case demonstrates what is known as the “leasing puzzle” – the answer simply being that the two forms of financing are not cost equivalent in the presence of capital market imperfections, despite both being credit forms. The case presents two opposing anecdotes: one about a trading company that bought its office and profited hugely from this decision as the market and capital...

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Lease versus Buy

whether or not to lease or buy, he or she needs to know the purchase cost, the lease cost, as well as the interest rate of a loan that will be used to purchase the item. The residual value of the item also must be known up front to help determine if leasing is the better option. When determining whether to lease or buy, the cash flow for both should be compared so the best decision can be made. Below is a chart on lease vs buy. (www.smartcomputing.com; Retrieved November 6, 2006) Lease/Buy Cash Flow -...

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Buy-Grid model? Why is it important in decision making? What is the indication?

Q3) Buy-Grid model? Why is it important in decision making? What is the indication? Supplier Evaluation An important job of the purchasing agent is to evaluate potential suppliers and their offerings. The effects of purchasing on a firm's competitive ability are great, so companies pay close attention to how they evaluate suppliers. Marketers must also understand the process, for them the ones being evaluated. Understand the process is like understand the rules of any games; if you don't know how...

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Make or Buy Decision

Make or buy decision Definition of 'Make-Or-Buy Decision' The act of choosing between manufacturing a product in-house or purchasing it from an external supplier. In a make-or-buy decision, the two most important factors to consider are cost and availability of production capacity. An enterprise may decide to purchase the product rather than producing it, if is cheaper to buy than make or if it does not have sufficient production capacity to produce it in-house. With the phenomenal surge in global...

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Make or Buy

MAKE OR BUY Management decision should be based on careful consideration of all the factors, including implication as regard to tax liability. Keeping view various tax implications that are relevant while taking some specific management decision under different provision of Income tax Act have dealt with: Make or Buy: One of the vital investment subject to the influence of tax factor is “Make or buy decision”. Most of the companies have to decide sometimes or the other whether they should buy...

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Outsourcing and Make-or-Buy Decisions

Outsourcing and make-or-buy decisions. What cost factors should influence the decision on whether to outsource the payroll functions? Horngren, Sundem and Stratton (2004), say that "When managers consider the make-or-buy decision for services, it is often called outsourcing" [1, p255]. Outsourcing "(…) is often defined as the delegation of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within a business to an external entity (such as a subcontractor) that specialises in that operation" [2]...

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Analyzing Lease vs. Buy Decision

Analyzing Lease vs. Buy Dec To buy or not to buy is the question for many companies acquiring assets for their business. Equipment and other assets are extremely important when a company is trying to get off the ground in a new business. The chief executive officer would have to ask how would we finance the equipment needed, pay back investors, and make the company profitable for all. This new biotech company is seeking financial remedies in becoming a profitable company...

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Types of Leases

What is a lease? A lease is a contractual arrangement where the lessor grants the lessee the right to use an asset in return for periodical rental payments. While leasing of land, buildings, and animals has been known for a long time, the leasing of industrial equipment is a relatively recent phenomenon, particularly on the Indian scene. What are the Types of Leases Finance Lease v/s Operating Lease Finance Lease: The lease transfers ownership to the lessee before the lease expires The lessee...

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E-COMMERCE TYPES OF E-COMMERCE The aim of this report is to search for an example of a website that falls under each of the four main types of e-commerce found in unit 1 of the BIU syllabus based module and to describe the website and to explain why it falls under that type of e-commerce. To begin with, electronic commerce is the systematic process of buying and selling of goods and services using an electronic mode primarily the internet. There are different commerce transactions that happen...

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Buyer Decision Process

INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. 2. 3. 4. This question paper consists of six (6) questions. Answer only four (4) questions in the Answer Booklet. Start each answer on a new page. Do not bring any material into the examination room unless permission is given by the invigilator. Please check to make sure that this examination pack consists of: i) ii) the Question Paper an Answer Booklet - provided by the Faculty DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO This examination paper consists of 3 printed...

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Explain ‘Make or Buy’ as a Strategy of a Company.

All companies have a set of strategies to play by when it comes to the way they produce their products and services, and in this fast moving economy, the link between product and service have become ever more important. However, in order to produce the product and services that a firm is to offer to their customers, the must first look at their production process. To make the products in-house, or to outsource their production to other companies, in the quest to be more profitable and efficient...

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Lease vs. Buy Assignment

automobile is a very important financial transaction one can make. Not only is a car an expensive purchase, it also comes with a cost of maintenance, repair, and once it is driven off the dealers lot, the vehicle becomes an investment that readily depreciates in value. Most buyer looking to purchase a new vehicle must consider a number of issues such as, whether to trade in a current vehicle, how much is the current trade-in worth, and lease or buy options. This paper will examined and analyzed...

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The Marketing Process

Deniaro Brown 000-06-5073 When developing financial services marketing strategies, it is essential to appreciate some of the limitations cited in this chapter. However, it is equally imporant to appreciate the ethical dilemmas that these limitations present to the financial services marketer. The abuse of the consumers' inability to process the necessary information when evaluating a financial service is not only unethical, but in certain cases, it may violate regulations and result in legal repercussions...

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Decision Making Process

Decision-Making Process Tanya J Patterson MGT/230 April 1, 2013 Jenny J Williams, PHR Decision-Making Process People must make decisions every day related to professional or personal circumstances. No matter how small or major the decision is, there is a process one needs to follow to provide optimal success. The following paragraphs will describe how the author came to the conclusion of purchasing a home; the differences and similarities of the author's decision-making process compared to...

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To Buy or Lease a Vehicle

financing, and part for the decision that needs to be addressed is buying or leasing. In this paper we will look at the differences between buying and leasing a new automobile. Automobiles In America, cars have become a way of life, and most people could not live without one. They have also become the second largest financial commitment that most people will make, outside of buying a house, and for some people, there car will cost more then their house (Bauldings, 2004). Lease Versus Buying Obviously...

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How to Buy Stock

Hi everyone, today my topic is about teaching everyone how to buy stock. I am going to introduce some strategies for stock selection step by step. Buy what you know Go with what you know. That is the advice of Peter Lynch, former portfolio manager of Fidelity Magellan Fund. According to Peter, during a lifetime of buying cars or cameras, you would develop a sense of product recognition like what’s good, what’s bad, what sells, and what doesn’t. The same applies to stock choosing. Fist of all...

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“Rowe Program at Best Buy”

Best Buy ROWE This paper will discuss the culture of Best Buy. How people have a life outside of work and the flexible work schedule that they make for themselves. It will discuss the organizational change approach that the ROWE program illustrates within Best Buy. It will explain the resistance, both organizational and individual, that the ROWE program has had to overcome. It will also discuss the sources of stress that are apparent in the case and whether or not the organizational culture...

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Unit 101-Financial Management Frequent Exam Questions

Financial Management-Unit 101 Exam Questions 1. What is the role of management accounting? What are the primary difference between management accounting and financial accounting? Management accounting or managerial accounting is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within organizations, to provide them with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. According to the...

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Make or Buy Analysis

The following is the general methods research on Make or Buy analysis: The make-or-buy decision is the act of making a strategic choice between producing an item internally (in-house) or buying it externally (from an outside supplier). The buy side of the decision also is referred to as outsourcing. Make-or-buy decisions usually arise when a firm that has developed a product or part is having trouble with current suppliers. Make-or-buy analysis is conducted at the strategic and operational...

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Factors Influencing the Decision Making Regarding the Individual Investment Behavior: an Assessment

FACTORS INFLUENCING THE DECISION MAKING REGARDING THE INDIVIDUAL INVESTMENT BEHAVIOR: AN ASSESSMENT CHAPTER 1 Introduction Investor behavior of behavioral finance concentrates on irrational behavior that can affect investment decision and market prices. It attempts to better understand and explain how emotions and cognitive errors influence investors and the decision-making process. In global financial markets the use of approaches based on perfect predictions, completely flexible prices, and...

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Simulation: Lease vs. Buy Decision

within six months. In order to run advanced analytical software for the preparation of the drug, it needs to acquire mainframe computer. Now the decision needs to be taken to either lease or buy the mainframe computer. SOLUTION 1: As a CFO of Bonnesante Research company, by taking my colleagues opinion into consideration, I have decided to lease the mainframe computer for 18 months instead of buying it.. The reason being is that the loan options were proposing significantly higher outflows...

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How People Make Economic Decisions

How People Make Economic Decisions Business Dictionary.com defines consumer decision making as “the process by which consumers identify their needs, collect information, evaluate alternatives, and make the purchase decision. These actions are determined by psychological and economical factors, and are influenced by environmental factors such as cultural, group, and social values.” (BusinessDictionary.com, 2007) Four major economic forces drive the decision a consumer makes when purchasing goods...

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Describe How Two Businesses Are Organised

Describe how two businesses are organised (P3) I am going to talk about two organisations and how they operate. The organisations I am going to talk about are McDonalds and Chester Zoo. McDonalds is a fast food restaurant and its purpose is to provide the best and fastest customer service so in this way it will give the organisation a good reputation and help them to make more profit. [pic] This shows how stuff work in McDonalds. If there would be a problem with customers for example, then...

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The Financial Management Decision Process

1. The Financial Management Decision Process. What are the three types of financial management decisions? For each type of decision, give an example of a business transaction that would be relevant. · There are three types of financial management decisions: Capital budgeting, Capital structure, and Working capital management. · Capital budgeting is the process of planning and managing a firm's long-term investments. The key to capital budgeting is size, timing, and risk of future cash flows...

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Computer Security, Defines encryption and explain how it is used to protect transmission of information

corresponding unit of plain text (the intelligible text or signals that can be read without using decryption), according to the algorithm in use and the specific key. The other method is Transposition (rearrangement characters) which is the encryption process in which units of the original plain text (usually individual characteristics) are simply moved around; they appear unchanged in the cipher text for their relative location. Study Case (Bank of Shenandoah Valley) While both encryption and authentication...

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Financial Accounting Theory, Chapter 4 Answers

Assignment 4-2: Week 4 Analysis Write-Up Kylie Keener ACCT715-Q1WW Financial Accounting Theory Michael Miller 13 June 2012 1. Chapter 4: Problem 8 (GM) The article “GM to Take Charge of $20.8-Billion” here reproduced from The Globe and Mail (February 2, 1993) describes the potential impact of SFAS 106, “Accounting for Postretirement Benefits Other Than Pensions,” on General Motors and Ford. For example, it appears that General Motors will be required to record a liability of $20.8 billion...

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Writing and Process Essay

Process essays are essays that explain to the audience how to do something or how to complete a task. This may involve explaining how to put items or ingredients together to make a finished product, such as in a recipe. These essays can also explain how to accomplish a goal. For example, a process essay could detail the steps that must be taken in order to graduate from a particular college. Regardless of the subject, all process essays must clearly explain in detail how to complete or perform a...

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Accounting Information System Chapter 1 Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions 1. Discuss some of the challenges facing business today. Does information technology play a role in these challenges? Explain. The business world and society in general are undergoing phenomenal and sometimes turbulent change. The “new economy” driven by the Internet has seen the rise of entirely new businesses like Amazon.com, Yahoo, eBay, and of course Google. While the “dot com bust” of 2000 saw the demise of thousands of Internet-oriented businesses, the fact remains...

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the rate of which technology changes has affected the composition of the decision making unit.discuss

handle and apply input or output relation or perform a specific function. This implies that technology significantly affect the control and adaptation of human and organizational processes to their natural environment. The rate of technology change cannot leave out the composition of the decision making unit (DMU). According to the Financial Times, the DMU is a group of people in a company or organization involved in making an important decision especially about buying something. It is also...

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Situational, Psychological and Social Influences on the Buying Decision Process

buying decision process. Think about times when you purchased a product online. What cultural or personal factors influenced your decision? What do you know about your purchase now that you didn’t know before making it? If you have not made any online purchases, why not? Why have Internet sales jumped in recent years? How is promotion used on the Internet? Speculate what the Internet environment will be like in five or 10 years. Now consider how a company capitalizes on the buyer decision-making...

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Adult Decision Making Process

Consumer Decision Making Process Adults have to make many decisions each day, decisions selecting one option over another. How adult consumers make decisions to buy have been studied by marketers to sell their products and services. Marketers have several views of consumers with different perspectives of how individuals make decisions: economic, passive, cognitive, and economic views. However, there is a decision making model that reflects all of the views. First, we will discuss the process component...

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Buyer Decision Making

An essential part of marketing is the buyer decision making process. This is arguably an ideal part for marketers as they r able to view how consumers make buying decisions, after looking at the influences that affect buyers. The buyer decision making process involves five stages in which buyers make decisions in purchasing a product. These five stages include problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, post purchase behavior (Kotler, Brown, Burton, Deans...

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Ipod Decision Making Process

Describe and explain the characteristics that affect consumer behaviour and outline the consumer decision-making process as it relates to Apple iPod Introduction ‘Consumer purchases are influenced strongly by cultural, social, personal and psychological characteristics’ (Kotler, Armstrong, Wong & Saunders). This report will investigate the characteristics that affect consumer behaviour and the consumer decision-process as it relates to the purchase of an Apple iPod. This report will be describing...

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Accounting Theory Solution Chapter 2

Questions 1.‘A theory that is purely syntactic is sterile.’ Comment. How can this statement relateto accounting? A syntactic theory is one that is capable of testing on the basis that it is valid in terms of itslogical consistency. Thus the calculation of accounting profit and determination of assetvaluation can be valid in relation to their conformity with rules prescribing the measurementof accounting profit and asset valuations. This can be described as sterile as it does notnecessarily relate to...

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Blink: Beauty of Snap Decisions

August 2009 The Beauty of Snap Decisions Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm Gladwell embodies the entire subject of the book “Blink,” in both the title of the book, and the phrase “thin-slicing,” which is a person ability to accurately gauge what is important from a very narrow period of time. To put it simply, impulsive decisions can often be more reliable than well thought out decisions. Gladwell provided the reader with multiple examples throughout each chapter of the book to back up his thesis...

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Chapter 11 Review Questions1 What Is

Chapter 11 Review Questions 1. What is the role of knowledge management and knowledge management programs in business? Define knowledge management and explain its value to businesses. Knowledge management is the set of processes developed in an organization to create, gather, store, maintain, transfer, apply, and disseminate the firm’s knowledge. Knowledge management promotes organizational learning and incorporates knowledge into its business processes and decision making. Describe the important...

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

The question was asked on this case study what would be some of the things that would be included in an estimate of the opportunity cost of preserving part of northern Alberta Canada by prohibiting heavy crude oil extraction? The pros and cons of not utilizing the resource would be considered. How much revenue could be generated locally if extraction was allowed? An important question would be the effects on the environment if extraction was allowed. Another potential question is preservation the...

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A Make-or-Buy Decision at Baxter Manufacturing Company

Decide Transcript A Make-or-Buy Decision at Baxter Manufacturing Company Scenario Summary Baxter Manufacturing Company (BMC) is a leader in deep-drawn stampings. It has been in business since 1978 as a privately held company. The process for making these stampings is very involved and complex. BMC developed methods for efficiently producing large volumes of stampings while keeping their quality very high. BMC uses state of the art machines to make the stampings and they make all the tooling necessary...

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Personality Type & Consumer Behavior

Report | “Personality type and its effect on Consumer Behavior” | | | | Submitted by: Ashu Gurtoo | 09bshyd0186 | Project Proposed: “Personality type and its effect on consumer behavior” Description of the project: We will first try to understand what is consumer behavior What do we really want to study when we say that we want to study consumer behavior? * Why consumers make the purchases that they make * What factors influence consumer...

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Explain how organisations respond to IT development

Explain how organisations respond to IT development Adopting business processes In today’s society IT is becoming more essential in everyday life. We use IT to contact people, to shop and to find information. Businesses are now trying to adapt to the ways of IT so they can build a stronger connection between their business and their consumers. One of the ways businesses are doing this is by introducing loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are basically cards that companies give you rewards and therefore...

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Financial Accounting Theory

Chapter 1 – Financial Accounting Theory 1.1 What is Financial Accounting Theory? Henderiksen (1970) – Theory is defined as: A coherent set of hypothetical, conceptual and pragmatic principles forming the general framework of reference for a field of inquiry. FASB – a coherent system of interrelated objectives and fundamentals that can lead to consistent standards. Introduction – theories of financial accounting Accounting is a human activity and will consider such thing as people’s...

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How to Buy a Car

How to Buy a Car Stephanie Gallion ENG 080 Looking for a new car? Well here are ten easy steps to finding the car that best suits you and your needs. First step, “What kind of car do you need?” Instead of worrying about what you are wanting, worry about what you are needing. What are you going to use the car for? How many seats do you want to fill? Do you care about gas mileage? What kind of driving do you do the most? How far do you drive every day? Usually people, when buying a new...

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Financial Market Roles and Responsibilities

22112A – Task 1 - Financial Market Sector 1. Have you selected a suitable financial market? Please find below a personal example of our recent dealings with a finance and mortgage broker. My partner and I have recently moved to Brisbane from Gladstone. We were fortunate enough to take advantage of the current economic climate of high house prices in Gladstone, and sell our Gladstone property. With opposite economic climates here in Brisbane with house prices quite low - we decided we could...

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Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Example

structural organization of the human body in the correct order. 5. Describe 6 characteristics of living things as presented in class. 6. Define homeostasis and distinguish between positive and negative feedback loops with examples. 7. Identify the functions and major organs of the 11 organ systems of the human body. (Be able to tell them apart). 8. Name the two organ systems involved in the regulation of homeostasis and identify the main difference between their two modes of action. 9. Identify the...

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Assignment Chapter 1

1 Questions from Chapter 1 40 Points Name: UMA M PANNEERSELVAM Date: 01/29/2012 Bring to class Monday night for discussion and to hand in. DL students: Formulate your responses and then e-mail to Shirish (TA) on or before Monday night, January 30, 2012. TA: Shirish Lamichhane TA E-mail: slamic2@neo.tamu.edu Respond to the following questions from chapter 1 on pp12-13. Use this document to respond to the following question using MS Word. Type your responses below...

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What Are the Specific Characteristics of the International Marketing Activities Designed and Implemented by Small Firms?

International Marketing What are the specific characteristics of the international marketing activities designed and implemented by small firms? As defined Robert W. Rowden (Thunderbird International Business Review, March-April 2001), a small firm (with a maximum of 50 employees) is centralized and personalized through management of an owner-manager. This type of organization provides some advantage such as proximity between manager and employees because there is less hierarchy. Furthermore...

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Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

SIMON SINEK – How Great Leaders Inspire Action How do you explain when things don't go as we assume? Or better, how do you explain when others are able to achieve things that seem to defy all of the assumptions? For example: Why is Apple so innovative? Year after year, after year, after year, they're more innovative than all their competition. And yet, they're just a computer company. They're just like everyone else. They have the same access to the same talent, the same agencies, the same consultants...

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PROC 5000 Week 2 Chapter Questions

Weekly Chapter Questions (Wk2) Chapter 1 1. What are three major attractions of careers in supply management? Listed below are three attractions of careers in supply management: Responsibility/Experience: The amount of responsibility as well as the experience you will endure and gain is immense. In some cases, it may be rather daunting; however, it is well worth it. The knowledge gained, will only make you a better and well-rounded individual, as you become a procurement aficionado. Team Oriented:...

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Internal and External Factors Within Best Buy

always four functions of management. These functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Bateman & Snell, 2009, p. 19). Within the organization, Best Buy, which is known to be an electronics store, has their own external and internal factors. Founded in 1966 as Sound of Music and incorporating in 1983 to become Best Buy, Inc. (Ask.com, 2010, para. 1), accounting for 19% of the market (Metaweb, 2010, para. 1), has become one of the leading electronic stores in the nation. It takes...

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Review Of What Money Can T Buy

 Ethical Thinking to What Money Can’t Buy Introduction Micheal J. Sandel, an American political philosopher and a professor at Harvard University, is famous for his course “Justice”. This course is available online, for which I had the opportunity to know Sandel and study his theory when I was studying undergraduate major. When I found “What Money Can’t Buy” written by him in the book list for the paper materials, I decided to write something about this topic without hesitate. Obviously...

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Knowledge Is Power: How to Buy a Computer

Knowledge is Power: How To Buy A Computer Buying a personal computer can be as difficult as buying a car. No matter how much one investigates, how many dealers a person visits, and how much bargaining a person has done on the price, he still may not be really certain that he has gotten a good deal. There are good reasons for this uncertainty. Computers change at much faster rate than any other kind of product. A two-year-old car will always get a person where he wants to go, but a two-year-old...

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How People Make Economic Decisions

How People Make Economic Decisions Vivian Shellmire University of Phoenix, ECO/212 How People Make Economic Decisions People make economic decisions daily by deciding how much of all things available they will buy and what prices they are willing to pay for the resource or services. Through individual decision-making of people regarding supply demands for their needs and wants, it is businesses who decide what and how many goods are to be sold, and at what prices to sell to consumers...

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What Makes You Buy a Cell Phone

In modern society there are many factors that can be used to influence or change the mind of a single person. A good example on how these factors are set in motion is through advertising. Each commercial has three aspects that can influence the audience into buying the product they are trying to sell. These three aspects are known as pathos, ethos, and logos. These three aspects are best shown in cell phone commercials/ads. Cell phone companies use them to fulfill their purpose, which is to...

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The Stages in the Organizational Buying Process

Chapter 4: Business, Government and Institutional Buying Process 4.4 The Stages in the Organizational Buying Process The process is fundamentally the same as described for consumer buying -- many of the steps are similar, if not identical. As with consumer buying, because some decisions are more complex than others, not all decisions will involve all the steps discussed. Nor will the steps require the same degree of attention, resource commitments, and personnel. New task decisions normally...

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Manager's Basic Tools Used for Making Financial Decisions

Manager’s Basic Tools Used for Making Financial Decisions Willie A. McCall Principles of Finance – Writing Assignment 1 Professor Eleanor Cook 30 January 2011 Manager’s Basic Tools Used for Making Financial Decisions Explain why market prices are useful to a financial manager. A competitive market is one which a good can be bought and sold at the same price. We can use prices from competitive markets to determine the cash value of a good. Whenever a good trades in a competitive market...

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Financial Markets and Institutions

Ch 2. Q4 if I can buy a car today for $5000 and it is worth $10000 next year in extra income to me because it enable me to get a job as a traveling anvil seller, should I take out a loan from Larry the Loan Shark at a 90% interest rate if no one else will give me a loan? Will I be better or worse off as a result of taking out this loan? Can you make a case of legalizing loan-sharking? You would in this scenario be better to take the Larry the loan shark deal at 90% interest. The total interest...

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Management Information System Discussion Question Ch1.1. What Does the Word "Processing" in Date Processing Mean? Data Processing Changes and Manipulates the Data in the Is. the Computer's Speed and Accuracy Enable

1. what does the word "processing" in date processing mean? Data processing changes and manipulates the data in the IS. The computer's speed and accuracy enable organizations to process million of pieces of date in several seconds. 2. Give three examples in which raw data also serve as useful information. Three examples of raw data served as useful information can be a customer's age, gender, and his/ her annual income in a target market survey for a marketing company...

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Answers: Financial Management

Name: Wijnant van den Hoogen Course: Fin 3010-02 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 7. QUESTIONS 1. What, in general, is meant by off balance sheet financing? A form of financing in which large capital expenditures are kept off of a company's balance sheet through various classification methods. Companies will often use off-balance-sheet financing to keep their debt to equity (D/E) and leverage ratios low, especially...

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Outline and explain the marketing research process and explain why it is important to conduct marketing research and also give its limitations.

not used to make decisions but to reduce the risk of making a wrong decision. For example Max Factor may decide to change the shade of its red lipstick after seeing that people don't buy it as much as the red lipstick of Revlon, but unless they do marketing research they do not know whether this is because of the shade of the lipstick of any other reason. This would not only be an expensive mistake but they may also lose some of their current customers who do not like the new change. How can we know...

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