• Valuing publicily traded equity securities: black & decker
    Valuing Publicly Traded Equity Securities: The Black & Decker Corporation (BDK) I. Introduction This teaching note describes the valuation of publicly traded equity securities using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Price/Characteristic (market comparison) approaches, with a specific sprea
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  • Debt or equity
    Introduction Mergers and acquisitions have always been a part of the corporate world. Albert Heijn had to start somewhere. Many firms, financial or non-financial, are in the position of having to choose whether or not they should merge or acquire another firm. During this process there are many f
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  • Knowledge of the firm and the evolutionary theory of the multinational corporation
    2003 DECADE AWARD WINNING ARTICLE Knowledge of the firm and the evolutionary theory of the multinational corporation B Kogut1 and U Zander2 1Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA; 2Institute of International Business (IIB), Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden Correspondence: Bruc
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  • Goal-setting theory
    Goal-setting Theory and its Effective Application According to the book Organisational Behaviour on the Pacific Rim (2007), motivation is the “forces within a person that affect his or her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour in the workplace”. This means that compared
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  • Link between the acceltancy theory and performance management
    1 INTRODUCTION The rising position in organization and increasing importance of its functions was a developing process during last hundred years. Management has become an inevitable part of every organization as a science, a process and also a profession. It is a target-oriented process of managing
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  • Note on measuring brand awareness, brand image, brand equity and brand value pierre chandon
    Note on Measuring Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity and Brand Value Pierre Chandon INSEAD March 2003 Note on Measuring Brand Awareness, Brand Image, Brand Equity and Brand Value The purpose of this note is to provide an overview and references on the various methods that can be u
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  • Behavioral theory influence on personality
    Behavioral Theory Influence on Personality There are a number of theories which have attempted to explain human behavior and its impact on social as well as work life. These theories have tried to explain how human behavior shapes a person’s personality. One of the important theories is t
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  • Motivating employees in an organisation
    Motivating Employees in an Organization S Santosh Contents Chapter 1 2 Chapter 2 5 Chapter 3 10 Chapter 4 15 Chapter 1 Motivation: Concepts and Theories Defining motivation The word "motivation" comes from the Latin word movere - "to move." And managers often view motivat
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  • The indian equity market around the ex-split date
    The Indian Equity Market Around The Ex-Split Date MADHUMITA CHAKRABORTY* The market response to stock splits is investigated with the dataset from an emerging country – India for the period from 2006 to mid September 2008. The study reports significantly positive abnormal returns on the day of s
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  • Title: “with a point of departure from the managerial economics theory (ies) of your choice describe how managerial economics is applicable in your work place of your choice.”
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  • Banking reform in nigeria -implication for employees
    BANKING SECTOR REFORMS –Implications for Employees By: Mr. Feyi Oluwaremi (B.Sc, MBA, ACA) ABSTRACT Recent reforms carried out by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in the banking industry appear desirable. The CBN aims at ensuring the stability
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  • Accounting theory and practices
    Theory of the Firm: Managerial Behavior, Agency Costs and Ownership Structure Michael C. Jensen Harvard Business School and William H. Meckling University of Rochester Abstract This paper integrates elements from the theory of agency, the theory of property rights and the theory of finance to d
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  • Organizational theory
    ORANIZATIONAL CULTURE: ANALYZING CHANGE 2 DECEMBER 2009 ABSTRACT Schein defined organizational culture as “a pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration that has worked well enough to be considered va
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  • Motivation theory and practice
    MOTIVATION THEORY AND PRACTICE 1.0 Equity Theory The equity theory was proposed initially by Adams (1963). The focus of the theory has been to understand the motivational aspect of employees. The equity theory is based on the distributive justice principles promulgated to take care of socia
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  • Groupthink theory
    GROUPTHINK THEORY COMM410 As people, when confronted with a problem where a solution must be found, our ideal situation is to come up with the best possible one. To do this, we ideally gather the most knowledgeable, intelligent individuals into a group and attempt to derive the best solution to
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  • Comparing co-workers against each other: does this motivate employees?
    Case 5.1: Comparing co-workers against each other: Does this motivate employees? This case takes a critical look at using comparative methods to review and evaluate employees and exposes the impact of those methods on productivity and morale. "Forced Ranking" had occurred for many years at GE, i
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  • Private equity
    Private Equity E-Book By Theo O’Brien 1 [pic] Theo O'Brien is the author of Private Equity Blogger and the 20,000 member Private Equity Investment Group network. This book is a collection of over 350 free blog articles. This E-Book will be updated frequently with new articles and in a m
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  • Raising capital theory and evidence
    Introduction New information announcements about security offerings by publicly listed firms can cause one of three reactions in the financial markets: (i) positive, (ii) negative, or (iii) indifferent reactions. These responses are measured in the average two-day common stock price reactions adju
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  • Notes equity
    EQUITY STUDY NOTES LECTURE 1: THE NATURE OF EQUITY Definition of Equity: - The meaning of equity depends on the political, social, ethical or legal context, but the common thread in most definitions is: justice, fairness, property interests & established legal principles. - In a legal context,
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  • Brand equity
    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Introduction Brand equity has become a very strong part for every product. Brand equity refers to the marketing effects or outcomes that accrue to a product with its brand name compared with those that would accrue if the same produc
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