Equity Theory

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Performance improvement
Petronas has increase their performance by train all their employees to give a better services to the customers. They provide a regular training program to all of their employees in order to satisfy their customers. Staff training and development classes are available to all employees. Facilities

Petronas also has improve their performance by providing extra facilities. They provides automated teller machine (ATM) and cash deposit machine (CDM) by CIMB. This is easier for the customers that want to use the machine and at the same time want to fill the fuels. Customer services

Petronas has improve their customer service not just at the pump area but also in the mart. Good customer services is the lifeblood of any business. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy, happy enough to pass positive feedback about the business along to others. Enter competition

Petronas has enter a competition among all the branches to increase their branch ranking. In the competition, the judges will evaluate who gives the best customer service, best facilities, great management as a whole. By entering competition they can improves their standard and performances.

Performance industry versus Petronas
In the industry sales are constantly increasing from year to year. This is same goes to petronas where the sales are increasing from time to time. Inventory
Inventory turnover in the industry are high since the sales are increasing. This is same goes to petronas, since the sales are constantly increasing, their inventory turnover is high.
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