Character Ranking

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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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This is my list from the person that had the most responsibility in the case study, to the person that I believe had little or no control over the situation’s. 1) Jenny
2) Gloria
3) Louise
4) Tom
5) Professor Poe
6) Dean Brown

I believe that out of all of them that Jenny is the one that is most responcible because she can take control of her actions and not cheat, she knew she had an assignment done and she should have made the time and take the effort to do it. She should have explained to her boss that she was going through this program and she would not be able to change her program right now, so until then he would have to work with her and help her figure out a time schedule that makes it easier for her to work and do her school assignments. Most bosses understand and will help you if you ask for it, if anything he could have let her off a half an hour early every day and she could have used that time to do her assignments. I think next on the list would have to be Gloria, the friend, I don’t think as a friend she should have suggested that to her instead she should have suggested other things to her that could help manage her time and give her a better grade, or offer to help her watch the kids for an hour or so, so she can get caught up on her work. She should have not just gave her the site to steal work from, that means that she does not care about Jenny’s future or how good she does in her studies. It tells me that Gloria is probably not a hard worker, she is probably lazy and supports things she shouldn’t. Next would be Louise, he should not be giving the site information out that he is uses, or should he be using it his self. He should make better decisions, and not help other people cheat. If he is going to be stupid enough to do it his self, he should at least not include other people in his criminal activities. He should have not even told Gloria about his resource to cheat, so then she wouldn’t be tempted to use it or to give...
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