Working with and Leading People

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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A team can be defined as “A group of people who work together to accomplish something beyond their individual interests.”(Yaverbaum and Sherman 2008) With team work it should however be expected that there will be conflicts at certain points while on the other hand team working has its benefits as well. This assignment is going to cover, the benefits of team working, working in a team as a member towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations, a review of the effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals, an explanation of the factors involved in planning the monitoring and assessment of work performance and an assessment of the development individual needs. Benefits of team working

The benefits of team working can be clearly defined in Beblin’s team building process which is well explained by Cheverton(2009). He explains the nine different team roles which are the plant, monitor evaluator, co-ordinator, resource investigator, implementer, complete finisher, team-worker, shaper and specialist. As the team worked towards achieving the goal of coming up with a proposal for the film, it made it easier for the work to be done in a more effective way as each person’s role was defined. The workload was also decreased because each member knew their role well. Due to the fact that we were working as a team great ideas came up from the different team members and after all the ideas had been intertwined together we managed to come up with a very good proposal for the film. Working as a team helped all of us to be able to learn how to communicate well as we were from different backgrounds and made it easier to learn to accept each other with these differences. Working in a team as a member towards specific goals

As a team member my main role was to be the specialist as according to the nine team roles identified by Beblin. The main reason why this role was allocated to me is because of the fact that I have great...
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