Honors Course Student Portfolio Reflection

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Jeremy Morris
Mr. Folven
English IV 2nd
Honors Reflection
For this assignment I was required to film a reenactment of a scene from Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy “Macbeth”. I took the group option and teamed up with my buddies Taylor Kelsey and Jeremiah Corbett. We chose to do act 3, scene 1. In this scene Macbeth hires two assassins to perform the terrible deed of murdering Banquo and his son. We worked diligently so it only took us a few days to accomplish. We used class time to write out our lines on poster board so that we would be prepared to film when the time came. On Saturday the group met at my house with different costume pieces. After spending a few minutes putting together proper yet comical outfits, we went out on the back porch and filmed the scene. The next day Taylor edited the video at his house, making the right cuts and adding fitting background music. We were then ready to show our film to the class.

I played the role of Macbeth in the film. In act 3, scene 1 Macbeth is noticeably frantic and rash, making the desperate decision to assassinate Banquo and his son. For this role I really had to focus on harnessing the madness of Macbeth. It took me a few minutes to think it over, and I had to put all joking and messing around aside for the filming of the scene. I was satisfied with the end result and proud of myself for interpreting a blood drunk and power thirsty Macbeth.

The group I worked with was dynamic in skill, but we all possessed a similar, strong work ethic. The project was divided evenly, all of us pitching in the right amount to create an ultimately stellar video. The technology used in this project gave us a different angle on the story, and allowed us to better interpret the scene we chose to act out. It challenged our skills with the grueling editing process, having to cut and perfect each shot, then put them all together to make the scene whole. The filming process gave us all a deeper understanding of the...
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