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Topics: Leadership, Performance, Simeon the Righteous Pages: 4 (1213 words) Published: March 22, 2013
D1 Evaluate the team’s overall effectiveness in meeting its objectives, making recommendations for improvements

In this assignment I will be talking about the overall effectiveness of my team which consists of me, Aman, Boris and Ansaar in meeting its objectives. I will be talking about what went well when constructing this team for a specific purpose and what didn’t go well. I will also be referring to Belbin’s, John Adair’s and Tuckman’s Theories. The second part of this assignment I will be giving recommendations for improvement of how team work in the future may be improved.

In the P5 assignment I was given a task to produce a presentation which demonstrates team working as part of a team towards achieving specific goals. In the presentation the following points were included; the benefits of team working, theories of team working and theories of leadership. Each team member in the team was given a specific role to complete which lead to the task ultimately being completed. I was given the role to find information through research about Tuckman’s four stages of team development, Aman was allocated to a role where he had to produce slides for Belbin’s theory, Boris was given the role to produce slides about John Adair and finally Ansaar had the role to provide a few slides about the benefits of team working.

This team was a temporary team as it was only formed to complete a task. Throughout the task each team member was motivated to contribute to the success of the task. Throughout the task the leadership was excellent as Boris the leader of this task allocated roles as soon as he becomes leader. Firstly we were supposed to choose the leader, Boris got the most votes for being the leader thus he had the responsibility to allocate us our roles immediately. Before producing our slides we were supposed to produce plans so that every person in the team knew what he was doing. The three steps were to; allocate roles in the team, start slides and the...
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