Tda 2.6

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Assessment Task- TDA 2.6 Help improve own and team practice in schools.

3. Understand the work of a team.

This essay will demonstrate my knowledge about working as a team, the importance of it and who forms the team at the school where I work. I will look at the aims of my school and where I fit into that as a voluntary Teaching Assistant and I will also show how other members of the team all work together to reach the same goal.

One person alone could not complete the entire workload a school requires to function. To teach, to feed, to make safe, to make a happy place all needs the work of a very dedicated team who work together to achieve the same goal, at Priestsic Primary and Nursery school where I work this is:

“To create a safe, healthy and stimulating environment in which the children feel secure and are willing and eager to spend their time.”

And this team is also encouraged to:

“allow the children to reach as high a level as their ability allows increasing their pleasure, understanding and confidence.”

Priestsic Primary School-Teaching Assistant Student Booklet 2010.

This is all achieved by individuals who work together, sharing ideas and knowledge to make a really good team a great one. The school staff are not the only ones encouraged to practice teamwork

“Children are encouraged to work as part of a team and to respect other people’s beliefs and feelings.”

Priestsics Home School Agreement 2010

This message is enforced in the Schools Home School Agreement which is given out to parents at the start of a child coming to school. There is no doubt that my school values teamwork in everyone who is associated with it. The morale of the school is very high and I have seen for myself that everyone I ask a question of, they are willing to help and if they don’t know an answer they will find someone for me who does. It is enjoyable to be at a school where everyone is happy to help each other and it is absolutely motivational and if I feel this way as a partial outsider, then the children must also feel very proud that they belong to a school with staff members who really care about them and their education.

The purpose and objectives of the team in which I work is to be focussed and knowledgeable about literacy and Maths. The teacher in the class that I work in is the Literacy co-ordinator for the Year and the teacher in the opposite side of the classroom is the Maths co-ordinator so the two teachers work very closely together, they complement each other. One takes charge of the Literacy activities and the other devises the Maths activities and they share these within the classrooms. My working environment is split into two sides with a dividing curtain, my teacher has 30 children and the other teacher has 30 children and together they make up Year Two at the school.

The two teachers are constantly consulting each other about Maths and Literacy matters and they share ideas between themselves. I work with both of the teachers and they will often give me a group of children to work with who perhaps need more support and they will introduce activities to me by explaining what they are and if I need to give specific help to someone they will give me the time to do this. The qualified Teaching Assistants in the class will help the teachers set up the activities and help with the planning and then I help, when I go in , executing the practicalities like setting out tables or making displays.

“members of the team will need to understand their role and how it fits with the role of other members of the team…”

Burnham and Baker 2010

When I first began my placement at Priestsic Primary and Nursery School I was given a “Teaching Assistant Student booklet” and it defines my role by stating:

What will be expected of you:

The children spend quite a lot of time sat on the carpet, particularly during numeracy and literacy. You will be expected to either...
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