Working Capital Management

Topics: Inventory, Working capital, Balance sheet Pages: 109 (16307 words) Published: March 15, 2012
A Report


“working capital management in hcl infosystems limited”


(Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of
MBA program at
ICFAI Business School, Chandigarh)


Achievement is finding out what you would be then doing, what you have to do. The higher the summit, the harder is the climb. The goal was fixed and we began with a determined resolved and put in ceaseless sustained hard work. Greater challenge, greater was our effort to overcome it.

This project work, which is my first step in the field of professionalization, has been successfully accomplished only because of my timely support of well-wishers. I would like to pay my sincere regards and thanks to those, who directed me at every step in my project work.

I would also like to thank the faculty members and the staff members of HCL Infosystems Ltd. for their kind support and help during the project.




1. Introduction

• The problems

• Purpose of study

• Research methodology

• Scope of the study

• Data sources

• Limitations

2. Hindustan Computers Limited

3. HCL Infosystems – An Overview

• Company’s history

• HCL at a glance

• Alliances and partnerships

• Management team

• Corporate information

4. Conceptual Framework

• Introduction to Working Capital Management

• Significance of working capital management

• Liquidity vs Profitability: Risk – Return trade off

• Classification of working capital

• Types of working capital needs

• Financing of working capital

• Factors determining working capital requirements

• Working capital cycle

• Sources of working capital

• HCL financials

• Working capital position

• Inventory management

• Cash management

• Receivables management

• Managing payables (Creditors)

• Financing current assets

• Working capital & short-term financing

5. Analysis

• Industry analysis

• Financial graphs

• Concluding analysis

• Suggestions and recommendations

• Bibliography

6. Appendices


This project is based on the study of working capital management in HCL Infoystems. An insight view of the project will encompass – what it is all about, what it aims to achieve, what is its purpose and scope, the various methods used for collecting data and their sources, including literature survey done, further specifying the limitations of our study and in the last, drawing inferences from the learning so far.

HCL Infosystems Limited (HCL), is a leading domestic computer hardware and hardware services company. HCL is engaged in selling manufactured ( like PCs, servers, monitors and peripherals) and traded hardware ( like notebooks, peripherals) to institutional clients as well as in retail segment. It also offers hardware support services to existing clients through annual maintenance contracts, network consulting and facilities management.

The working capital management refers to the management of working capital, or precisely to the management of current assets. A firm’s working capital consists of its investments in current assets, which includes short-term assets—cash and bank balance, inventories, receivable and marketable securities.

This project tries to evaluate how the management of working capital is done in HCL Infosystems through inventory ratios, working capital ratios, trends,...
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