Working Capital

Topics: Balance sheet, Inventory, Working capital Pages: 29 (7485 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Project Report Entitled
Study of Working Capital Management of
Jain Irrigation System Ltd. (JISL)
Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Paper Project Work of B.Com Course TO
Dibrugarh University
Kanicka Berlia

Submitted By:-

Roll No: - 16730013
Regd. No: - 08001431

For The Academic Year:-


MBA (Finance and Marketing), MA (Economics), B.Ed, PGDHRM, PGDJMC


This is to certify that Miss Kanicka Berlia, a student of B.Com final year of G.S. Lohia Girls’ College has done research project work entitled “A Study of Working Capital Management of Jain Irrigation System Ltd. (JISL)” under our supervision and guidance.

The report embodies the original work done by her and she has not attempted from any report submitted by anyone to any university anywhere earlier.

Counter Signed

Dhiren Chandra DuarahLaxminarayan Samal
PrincipalRishta Surekha
G.S.Lohia Girls’ CollegeLectureres
Date:G.S. Lohia Girls’ College


It gives me immense pleasure to present this project report on Working Capital Management carried out at Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. in partial fulfillment of the paper project work of B.Com course to Dibrugarh University (Dibrugarh).

No work can be carried out without the help and guidance of various persons. I am happy to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those who have been helpful to me in completing this project report.

At the outset I would like to thank Mr. Laximinarayan Samal Sir for his valuable advice and guidance during my project completion, also Miss Rishta Surekha mam for timely help concerning various aspects of project. I also thanks to all staff members for helping me to complete the project.

I would be failing in my duty if I do not express my deep sense of gratitude to Sir Dhiren Chandra Duarah (Principal) without his guidance it wouldn’t have been possible for me to complete this project work.

Lastly I would like to thank my parents, friends and well wishers who encouraged me to do this research work and all those who contributed directly or indirectly in completing this project to whom I am obligated to.

Kanicka Berlia


This project is based on the working capital management of Jain Irrigation System ltd, the largest manufacturer of PVC pipes in the country, The project studies 5 years Balance Sheet of Jain Irrigation System Ltd.(JISL), ranging from 2002-2007 The annual reports of the aforesaid company is enclosed to the project report. Working Capital Management of the company is studied using various ratio analysis tools.

Working capital management is important aspect of financial management. The study of working capital management of Jain Irrigation system ltd. has revealed that the current ration was as per the standard industrial practice but the liquidity position of the company showed an increasing trend. The study has been conducted on working capital ratio analysis, working capital leverage, working capital components which helped the company to manage its working capital efficiency and affectively.


Chapter No.ParticularsPage No.
1.Working Capital Management01-05
1.2Need of Working Capital01-02
1.3Gross Working Capital and Net Working Capital02
1.4Types of Working Capital03
1.5Determinants of Working Capital04-05
2.Research Design and Methodology06-08
2.2Types of Research Methodology06-07
2.3Objective of Study07
2.4Scope of the Study08
3.Analysis and Interpretations09-29
3.1Introduction of Company09-13
3.2Working Capital Level14-21
3.3Working Capital Ratio Analysis22-29
4.Summary and Conclusion30-31
4.1Findings and Conclusions30
4.2Limitations of the Study30-31
4.3Future Scope of Study 31
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