What Does Your School Need

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Dear Mr. D,

In classes most students don't feel like doing there work but they have to. Occasionally, students will really want to do their school work. I feel that if we have laptops, students will be more into school and their school work. I think laptops would be a good idea because behavior issues will go down, students will concentrate more, and students will be more organized. They could be a good tool and they could really make an effect on the school day.

If we got laptops, behavior issues would go down. Behavior Issues would go down because students would look forward to class more often. However, having laptops would be a privilege. If you misbehaved you would not be aloud to use if for a certain peroid of time. It could be a disciplinary tool. You have to earn it. You just don't get it. On a website called Eutopia it says "One strategy is to have students face the wall while working on their laptops so that the teacher can circle the room and ensure on task behavior."Another way to prevent behavior issues is to block websites that are inappropriate or that just don't have anything to do with learning or school. This could make a lot less stress down in the office and for your benefit too. I guarantee 97% of the students in this school would love to have laptops. Students would not wanna get in trouble because if they do, it will get taken away.

If we got laptops for PCS, most students would concentrate more. They would concentrate more because they would have information right under their noses. Also we as a school wouldn't kill as much trees if we had laptops. Students would be more focused and class would go through smoothly because you wouldn't have to pass out papers. You could have it sent to your files or you could look it up on the internet. It would take less time out of class. If the teacher asked them to look up something for class, you could just search it and there it is. I do think though that if we got...
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