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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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Should School Computer Labs Be Phased Out

Alicia Hansen


Tamara Wood

Should School Computer Labs Be Phased Out

Computers are the technology of our future. Computers are being used more and more in today’s society. People use computers at their job for many different reasons. Computers are used at schools to help look up information, to do essay’s and there also is a computer lab to teach students how to use a computer. Computer labs should not be phased out of schools. Computer labs are good for teaching children how to use a computer and how a computer works. A teacher of a computer lab also teaches students how to access different programs on the computer. All of the information a student gets by going to the computer lab at school is very helpful for them. It is teaching the students for the future. The technologies of computers only keep expanding from year to year. Below there are many more details on why we should keep computer labs in the schools. At a young age the students are now learning how to use computers. This has change from the past years. In the past years computers were not even in some people’s homes. In this day and time there is a computer in almost everyone’s home. (US Census Press Releases).The children of today learn early how to use a computer and how to access many different programs that are available for them. They now have so many children games but most of them are educational. So the age a child now days learn to use a computer is four. The learning only expands from here. When a child reaches school age which is usually five they have already had access to a computer. Then when they attend school in kindergarten they usually go to computer lab one day a week and begin to learn more and more about a computer and they learn more and more about the many different programs. When a child reaches an age where they have to look up information on the computer for a project or an essay they now...
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