Technology Should Be Used in Schools

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Technology should be used in schools
Did you know that more than half of the world’s students are using tablet computers? To all the students out there who are not lucky enough to even use a computer (at home or at school), I am deeply sorry for you since half of the people that are at the same age as you are surrounded by information, and are improving their knowledge of the world everyday. No worries! After this speech you will have all the rights to go against who ever would not let your school have laptops/computers. "How is it possible to convince my headmaster to let us have computers in school?” A Chinese proverb once said: “Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in a different time.” It clearly states how the minds of the elders and the juniors are so different since they were born in different times or even centuries. Would you rather listen to a person who has a mind to create more possibilities and not stick to the old rules or a person who sticks any same old rules that their elders once told them and rule the school? I bet you most people would choose a person who creates more possibilities than an old man who sticks to the rules and not let the school have technology. I mean, what is the point of a school, which only has books and pencils, and never interact with visual presentations; it would make the students lives in to hell! When they grow up, what job would require them to only write in books and pencils? If your child does not know anything about technology, what can they even be when they grow up? Nothing is my answer to that. You might say an architect, but sadly, they do use computers too, since after they finish the planning and design of the building, they would have to scan it on a computer and send it out to the managers. Our lives depend on technology and computers. Kids in school used to write on paper and read out of books But the fact is, more and more kids in...
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