Waste Management Business Plan in Nigeria

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Fertilizer Pages: 34 (10976 words) Published: January 28, 2013
WAES Inc Corporate Office
WAES Inc. Business Plan

Table of Contents
1. The Company
2.1 Executive Summary
2.2 Business Foundations
2.3 Company Philosophy
2.4 Company Values
2.5 Mission
2.6 Objectives
2.7 Company Summary
2.8 Ownership
2. Management
3.9 Organizational Structure
3.10 Management Team
3.11 Management Summary
3. Business
4.12 Start Up Summary
4.13 Products and Services
4.14 Products and Services Description
4.15 Service Business Analysis
4.16 Service Distribution
4.17 Future Products and Services
4. Technology
5.18 Sourcing
5.19 Technology
5.20 Manufacturing and Operations
5.21 Economic Environment
5. Finance
6.22 Financial Plan
6.23 Start-Up Expenses
6.24 Profit and Loss Projection
6.25 Breakeven Analysis
6.26 Payroll
6. Marketing
7.27 Market Summary Analysis
7.28 Marketing Summary
7.29 Market Segmentation
7.30 Market Needs
7.31 Target Market Segment Strategy
7.32 Strategy and Implementation Summary
7.33 Value Proposition
7.34 Competition and Buying patterns
7.35 Business participants
7.36 Main Competitors
7.37 Competitive Comparison
7.38 Competitive Edge
7.39 Marketing Summary
7.40.1 Market Trends
7.40.2 Market Growth
7.40.3 Pricing Strategy
7.40.4 Promotion Strategy
7. Sales
8.40 Sales Literature
8.41 Sales Strategy
8.42 Sales Forecast
8. Conclusion
9.43 Quality management
9.44 Development requirements
9.45 Web plan Summary

Executive Summary
West Africa Environmental Solution’s mission is to become Nigeria’s market pioneer and leader in the waste management and recycling services. Its mode of operation will be to collect, separate, and recycle waste materials from residential areas and municipality waste dumpsites for processing into invaluable consumer goods. The recycled and processed products will meet two critical needs: Provide cities and towns with a feasible and cost effective alternative to inappropriate disposal of waste and It will help meet the growing demand for organic soil enhancers and bio-fertilizers. Our recycled waste will be used for high-grade bio-fertilizer and compost production for use by nurseries, landscapers, farmers, government agencies, golf courses, and others; while other recyclable waste materials would be delivered to downstream recycling businesses. Our main potential customers will benefit from our bio-fertilizer and compost numerous soil enhancing characteristics at a very competitive price. In order to achieve these goals, we have design a self-sustainable waste processing and fertilizer production plant to deal with several issues regarding the disposal of sewage and municipal solid waste. Landfills are filling up and the costs associated with disposal are rising exponentially. Many landfills will no longer be able to accept municipal solid waste especially sewage and organic waste materials, as it poses a significant health risk. Our Solutions will solve this problem free of charge by collecting and converting all available organic waste material into high-grade organic bio fertilizer. Our company is entering a niche market, in that bespoke waste management and environmental solutions have not been established to a sizable scale in Nigeria. Our company therefore offers a unique and viable concept that addresses the needs of various customers and reaches this untapped market that has a tremendous growth potential. One of the most attractive aspects is that the business is projected to attain a strong cash position and achieve profitability in the first year of operation. Due to a large need for these products and...
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