Food Security

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February 1,2013
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1. (Noun): A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military

force; (Noun) The system, policies, or practices of such a government; (noun) an instance or

policy of aggressive behaviour by one state against another

2. Imperialism originated in 1826 in a Napoleonic context, "advocacy of empire,"also of Rome

and of British foreign policy, from imperial and -ism. At times in British usage with a neutral or

positive sense relating to national interests or the spread of the benefits of Western civilization.

3. Imperialism is still in use.

4. Although Imperialism originated in 1826 it was first recorded 1878. It was picked up

in Communist jargon by 1918. The term Imperialism applied to Western political and economic

dominance in the 19th and 20th centuries. (

5. A modern, interesting use of the word is that “Imperialism” is the name of a turn-based

Strategy video game.


1. (Noun): An environment or material in which something develops; (Noun): A mass of

fine-grained rock in which gems, crystals, or fossils are embedded; (Archaic)The womb;

(Archaic)The formative cells or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth; (Noun) A rectangular

array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations

2. Matrix originates from the Latin, female animal used for breeding, parent plant, from matr-,

mater. Its first known use is 1555. Its also from the Old French word matrice.

3. Matrix is still in use, except for the third definition listed above.

4. "Matrix" is the Latin word for womb, and it retains that sense in English. It can also mean

more generally any place in which something is formed or produced. The term "matrix" for an

array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations was introduced in

1850 by James Joseph Sylvester. (

5. A modern or interesting use of the term “Matrix” is that “Matrix” is the name of the brand new

2012 Toyota sports Car


1. (noun): A sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants; (noun):Used as a term of

endearment or an affectionate form of address; (noun): A psychoactive drug in the form of white


2. Sugar first originated in the late 13 century, “sugre”, from Old French. Its Medieval Latin

word was succārum, and its Arabic word being sukkar

3.Sugar is still in use.

4. Sugars Old World home was India and it remained exotic in Europe until the Arabs began to

cultivate it in Sicily and Spain; not until after the Crusades did it begin to rival honey as the

West's sweetener.

5. A modern or interesting use of the term sugar is that it is the name of a American alternative

rock band which was first formed in 1992.


1. (noun): A person who practices necromancy; a wizard or magician

2. Necromancer originated in c.1300, from the Old French word nigromansere,

3. Necromancer is still in use.

4. The word necromancer is adapted from the word necromancy meaning a form of magic

involving communication with the deceased. The word "necromancy" is adapted from Late Latin

necromantia. Early necromancy volved from shamanism, which calls upon spirits such as the

ghosts of ancestors.

5. A modern or interesting fact about the word necromancer is that in the popular video game

Guild Wars a necromancer is a playable character who can call on the spirits of the dead, and

even death itself, to overpower enemies and assist allies.

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