A Systems Approach to Solid Waste Management in Mahiga Creek, Cebu City, Philippines

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A systems approach to Solid Waste in the Mahiga Creek, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Philippines

James Earl E. Kho, MS-ES 1
ENS 211 (Sat 13:00-17:00)

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Prof. Jonnifer. Sinogaya


Mahiga Creek

The profile of the Mahiga creek has been altered by human occupation over time. The riparian segment of the Creek has been stripped of its vegetation and functionality of the remaining trees in the area. Mahiga Creek presently houses more than 200 families, most of which informally settled in the area for as long as 20 years. People have constructed various make shift homes over trees, shrubs, and grasses that would have otherwise benefit communities living in the creek. Instead, rampant pollution has overcome positive biological forces that used to provide shelter and ecological benefits to nearby establishments in the area.

Among the other bodies of water in-bound of Cebu City, the Mahiga Creek plays a significant ecological role that links various surface water streams originating from the mountainous slopes of Cebu down toward the central northern coast of Cebu City. This function supports drainage of surface water runoff from higher lands of Cebu City.

Due to a myriad of social, physical, and ecological factors that have affected the health and functionality of the Mahiga Creek, affected communities, policy makers, members of the media, and many more of have observed that flooding now reaches as high as 3-4 feet in depth from the floor up to the waist within and around area of SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. This has obviously affected a vast number of the commuting public as it has been reported to damage motors and electrical components of automotives.

The presence of settlers in the Mahiga Creek prevents the natural gravitational flow water from upstream sources to the coast due to the obstructions caused by crudely built homes and massive accumulation of garbage (including human waste) in the Riparian zone of the river bed. Riparian land is defined as ‘any land which adjoins, directly influences, or is influenced by a body of water. However, there is no rule of nature that defines the ‘width’ of riparian land: the width of interest or concern is largely determined by the management objectives (LWRRDC, 1999).

Review of Related Literature

Solid Waste Management in Cebu City
A study of the waste discharge amount of Cebu City in 2001 supports that people living in Cebu throws 511 tons/day or 57% of composes residential and non-residential related wastes. The current waste collection rate in Cebu City is at 80%. While the waste discharge amount is estimated at 0.7 kg/person/day. (Villarete, N.G.C, City Administrator, Cebu City)

Civil society and policy makers should be encouraged to understand the value of proper Solid Waste Management (SWM) or recycling practices, and effects of land use modification, and water transfers. Waste Amount Forecasts

The following table shows the projected total solid waste generation in Cebu City in the next 10 years based on an annual 2% growth rate for residential wastes and 4% growth rate for non-residential wastes. The projected growth rates are proportionate to the growth of the city residents’ personal consumption, commercial and industrial activity, and social and cultural interaction. [pic]

The non-residential wastes include all wastes other than the residential wastes, such as wastes discharged from shops, streets, parks, schools, offices, tourists, etc. Presently, there is no available information on the breakdown of non-residential wastes to commercial, industrial, school, office wastes, etc.

Waste Property Forecasts
Replacing conventional small shops with large shopping malls and supermarkets will increase...
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