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Topics: Water, Flood, Rain Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: March 5, 2013

Safety is one of the most significant reasons of developing systems this is to reduce the risk of accidents and catastrophic events. Being ahead of the situation, we can minimize problem and planned to ensure our safety. Floods are natural hazards that can be disastrous during storms or prolonged rainy days. Heavy rainfall in an extended period of time causes calamities. Some of the regions sit below sea level and serves as a catch basin. This area is easily flooded. Weather is another factor to be considered, rainy seasons and storm may cause the irrigation system to overflow thereby flooding nearby barangays. Climate has changed abnormally though time. Now we experience intense heat of the sun followed by sudden rain and excessive heavy rainfall which we do not experience before.

Project Context
The Municipality of Lapaz wants to resolve the problem in their town when heavy rainfalls occur that causes a major disaster. And having an alarming or warning system that uses the SMS-Based Technology to notify the municipality about the condition of the water-level will be a great help to the Residents of the said Community. This allows the authority to notify and prepare the people from unexpected flood and to decide whether to evacuate or not, and implement safety precautions. the system sends its report or notification thru SMS technology. Since it is a monitoring system, once it is turned on, it can operate by itself.

Water level in some places can rise quickly especially if all waters flow directly to clogged damages or to the river and then flow back to land area. The proposed system has the following objectives: * Create a prototype that will monitor the water level of Chico River and has the capability to send SMS Messages through a GSM Module and an alarming system that will be triggered simultaneously if the water level is critical * Evaluate the prototype’s reliability :

a). by repeated testing
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