Use of Statistical Information

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  • Published : June 16, 2007
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Use of Statistical Information
Statistics, as defined by Bennett, Briggs and Triola (2003) "is the science that helps us understand how to collect, organize and interpret numbers or other information (data) about some topic," (pg. 2). Statistics is an essential component in the ultimate delivery of health care. Health care professionals no longer live in the mindset where procedures are done simply because they have always been done that way; rather the current trend is leaning towards evidence-based standards of care, including policies and procedures. The process and collection of data leads to implementation of practice which increase awareness of health care professionals thereby improving outcomes of the patients served. Froedtert Hospital is a 492-bed, Level I Trauma Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (the only one in southeastern Wisconsin) and is associated with the Medical College of Wisconsin. In October 2006, it was designated as a Magnet facility. Froedtert Hospital has four Intensive Care Units (ICUs) including a Surgical ICU, Medical ICU, Cardiac ICU and Neuroscience ICU. Much research goes on daily to ensure quality patient care and guarantee to remain on the cutting edge. The types of statistical information collected at Froedtert Hospital include mortality, length of stay (diagnosis-specific), financial, complications, diagnoses, as well as quality indicators including customer service, monthly turnover and vacancy rate and incident report data. Data related to the National 100,000 Lives Campaign continues to be gathered including information related to preventing central line infections, improved care for acute myocardial infarctions, preventing adverse drug events (medication reconciliation), preventing ventilator-associated pneumonia, rapid response teams and preventing surgical site infections. Disease-specific types of statistical information are also collected at Froedtert Hospital including those related to stroke. Stroke disease-specific...
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