Hcs 438 Using Statistical Information

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Using Statistical Information
University of Phoenix

Using Statistical Information
Statistics have become critical to the operation of any medical facility. At Samaritan Medical Center (SMC), we routinely look at data to guide our workflow, staffing and patient satisfaction. One of the most commonly referenced statistical databases used at our facility is Press Ganey. Press Ganey utilizes a mailed survey to a random selection of discharged patients to gauge the quality of care given to a given patient, based on their perception of the hospital visit. (Press Ganey, 2010). The Press Ganey data is generated from a comprehensive patient survey tool, which is divided into multiple areas. This division looks at the patient’s visit by location, provider and individual elements in each area. (Press Ganey, 2010). The resulting data is then presented in different frequency tables. This data encompasses both descriptive and inferential statistics. A descriptive statistic is used to describe a specific set of measurements. (Bennett, 2009). An example of how Press Ganey uses descriptive statistics would be our facility’s quarterly ranking percentile. This information is presented based upon the overall patient satisfaction rating averaged from the responses received from the patient surveys that are returned in the mail. Thus this data is born out of the inferential statistics gathered in the survey. This result is given in a percentage of satisfaction, which is presented every quarter. For example, SMC’s quarterly patient satisfaction rating was 86%. This number is then weighed against other facilities that have the same approximate volume and similar demographics. Based on that comparison, we receive a ranking as compared to these other facilities. Our overall ranking of 86% put SMC in the 60th percentile. Press Ganey also presents data in the form of inferential statistics. Inferential statistics use data gathered from a sample to make...
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