A Qualitative Critique: Emergency Contraceptive Pills

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  • Topic: Unsafe abortion, Pregnancy, Unintended pregnancy
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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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A Qualitative Critique: Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Heidi Plesniarski

University of Rochester

Research Problem and Significance

The qualitative research article by Beaulieu, Kools, Kennedy, & Humphreys (2011) has a clearly identified phenomenon of interest. The author’s intent was to explore the phenomenon of young adult couples’ experiences with Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) and the potential reasons for its underuse. However, this specific article only presents the conclusions that related to couple consultations and decision-making processes about ECP use. It appears there is a significant need for this particular research study. Although millions of women become pregnant intentionally every year, a substantial additional number of women – around 87 million – become pregnant unintentionally (World Health Organization [WHO], 2005). Of the estimated 211 million pregnancies that occur each year, about 46 million end in induced abortion despite the wide availability of ECPs (WHO, 2005). There are great implications for women who have unintended pregnancy, including financial, health, psychosocial, and relationship consequences. Given the number of unintended pregnancies, their potential implications, and the underuse of ECPs, research is needed to help explore the reasons as to why ECP is under used (WHO, 2005). Literature Review/Conceptual Framework

Within the literature review the author’s present background research that indicates a need for their qualitative research and current research in support of their phenomenon. The author’s position maintains that although there is a decreasing trend in unwanted pregnancy, it continues to be a worldwide problem and presents research that has indicated ECP is a safe, and an effective form of contraception. Given the purported research included in the literature review, ECPs are widely available in most Western countries, but are underutilized (Beaulieu et al., 2011). Furthermore,...