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For this assignment I will analyze the use of social media in the company “Ford”. I will also discuss how the social media engages it stakeholders and how such activities enhance the company’s reputation with stakeholders.

The company I have chosen as mentioned above is Ford as I feel it is a company which with the help social media, has managed to really increase its popularity sales and brand awareness, simply by the way it has taken advantage of social media and engaged with its stakeholders through social media.

Firstly social media is basically media which is based on conversation and interaction between people online. It works by using online media such as photos, videos, information, and entertainment to engage and connect with people all around the world through the internet. By connecting to all these with other people to share it enables one to share thoughts, feelings and ideas. 

Social media comes in many forms ranging from social networks, blogs to wikis and forums. Social media is basically a similar version of traditional media, such as radio television magazines and advertisements. As it technically does the same, however I would It is an improved version as it works at a much higher speed, it works at a much higher speed in the sense that more than one person can contribute back to the conversation. Also social media has a key aspect which is as compared to traditional media, social media allows a two-way communication. Two way communications allows for companies to engage to with potential customers to gain feedback, ideas and people’s feelings about business.

Also where some of the main forms of social media, sites such as Face book and twitter have over 750 million users, as a business perspective this is a huge market. Therefore as compared to marketing in general (i.e online advertisements, radio and television) these cost companies a lot of money. Where Social media can potentially target a bigger audience for less than a fraction of the price.

Ford uses a range of social media tools such as “Face book, twitter Google plus ” and they have been a huge success currently ford has around 35,000 followers on twitter and almost 10 million fans on Face book. Their success mainly has been because their social media campaign has put their fans and followers viewpoints first As according to social media examiner 2012

“Those new to the site or those browsing for a new car get to experience the company and its culture from a social viewpoint right from the start”

This is because before a fan or follower will even start reading a certain article they can view other fans and followers comments first. Which are generally positive and therefore the person straighaway will be more interested. Ford have really got their fans and followers involved especially on their blog with their “ford story” which was basically making ford a more personal experience and it is very engaging as it, was based purely on stakeholders views and stories etc, with tabs such as “your articles, your stories and your images” all at the forefront. This gives Ford strong feedback, as users have space to comment and voice their opinions. Their face book is heavily based on Fords history, latest news and peoples stories about ford, with loads of pictures information and pages are available for fans to like and comment. The face book page also receives a lot of feedback, which is part of the two way communication in social media.

As according to socialmediabiz2012
“Employees feel a connection with their customers and a sense of having skin in the game. Social media helps put a human face on the company. “It serves to remind people there are real human beings working at Ford Motor Co. who are passionate about great products,”

Then there is ford on twitter, the way ford has exploited twitter is through two channels the first being, the first being by creating a community and social hub where people can keep track with...
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