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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Social Media: A Way to Stay Connected

There are many forms of social media; blogging, social-networking and content community’s websites; just to name a few. These web-sites are usually known to people as MySpace, Facebook, and Oovoo. Social media is a way for people to communicate with each other through internet or mobile technologies. Social media allows an individual to meet new people, share formal or personal information with one another and gives opportunities to families to reconnect with loved ones. One of the earliest social media websites to meet new people is MySpace. A person can search the MySpace database for any individual who is registered to the network and request them as a friend. The user can also build a personal blog page about his or herself; post photos, send comments, e-mails, and instant messages to his or her friends. For example, when I first signed up for MySpace, I really had no idea what I was doing. I started playing around with some of the functions and learned how to add pictures, setup my profile with cool designs, add information about myself and request new friends; before I knew it I had over two-hundred friends, some old some new. Another popular website that enables people to communicate and share formal or personal information is Facebook. Facebook allows an individual to update his or her status by posting what’s on their mind or what they’re doing at that very moment. Users can also upload photos, send comments, e-mails, and instant messages to their friends to stay connected For instance, my Facebook profile is filled with pictures of my kids, family outings, and my vacation to Disney world. I also have some personal information like the high school I attended to the types of movies I like. I update my status about how my day is going or what I’m doing at the moment. While Facebook can be fun to use; a person must be careful of the information he or SOCIAL MEDIA             2

    In this paper, I will...
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