Ups Case

Topics: Output, Customer, Tracking Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Jennifer T. Angiwot INFORES

September 29, 2009


1. What are the inputs, processing, and the outputs of the UPS’s package tracking system? The company’s inputs are: package information, customer signature, pickup, delivery and timecard data, data location and billing and customer clearance documentation. And how they process it is by simply transmitting data into the central network. The driver places the DIAD into the UPS truck’s vehicle adapter then the package tracking information is then transmitted to UPS’s network for storage and processing in the main computers. And the output will be the information can be accessed worldwide to provide proof of delivery to the customers. 2. What technologies are used? The technologies that they used are: a device which is called Delivery information acquisition device (DIAD). UPS’s also uses bar code scanning to keep track of the shipment. They also handle internet orders, laptop repairs and xray machine installation. 3. How are these technologies related to UPS’s business strategy? The company’s strategy is to have the best service but in the lowest price. So by using those technologies in their company, they are confident that they are having the best service because the technology they use assures them. 4. How do UPS’s systems provide value for the company and its costumers? Through its automated package tracking system, UPS’s can monitor the packages throughout the delivery process. Information allows UPS and its customers to always know where a package is. If the technology were not available, then UPS would, as it has through most of its history, attempt to provide that information to its customers, but at higher prices.

5. What would happen if these technologies were not available? If the technologies were not available the UPS’s business was not able to track the shipment and if the technologies were not available, it will make the work of...
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