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Companies which handle packaging services must be able to provide a variety of options to their consumers. They must be able to meet consumer demands when parcels need to be shipped and received within a designated timeframe. UPS is a global company which meets all of these needs. Describe Main Line of Business of the Company

United Parcel Service started out as the American Messenger Company founded by 19 year old James Casey in Seattle, Washington back in 1907. Most deliveries were made on foot or bicycle. It wasn’t until 1919 that the adopted name, United Parcel Service became official. This was because “United” served as a reminder that every retail expansions were part of the overall organization. “Parcel” was the nature of the business, and “Service” was what the organization offered. Today, UPS, as it is now formally known since 2003 has grown to become the world’s largest and leading packaging delivery service via air, ocean, ground and electronic sources to over 200 countries worldwide (UPS). Name Four Countries in which the Company Operates

The home base of the United Parcel Service is Atlanta, Georgia. It was in 1975 that they first went international providing services in Toronto, Canada with an air hub now in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1976, services were offered in Germany and domestic air service began in 1989. Six European countries became the focus of international air delivery services with the United States in 1985. The first non-stop delivery service was launched between the United States and Guangzhou, China in 1985 and has since acquired interest in China, providing access to 23 cities which is more than 80% of their international trade (UPS). Implementation of Competition

Ethical marketing behavior is one of the greatest assets to the competitive strategy of UPS. This is because it is used to dictate what is morally right and just. These standards drive companies that compete in the global marketplace because they affect...
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