Ups and the Utility of Information Systems

Topics: United Parcel Service, United States, Customer service Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: October 9, 2012
UPS and the Utility of Information Systems
Heather Fraser
Ashford University

INF 220: IS Principles
Tracey Johnson
September 17, 2012

The United Parcel Service has made great strides to incorporate its business with the entire world not just the United States. It has used technology to overcome eternal factors such as cultural differences, time zone, and currency differences and hardware constraints to streamline its organization and delivery system (Laudon, 7).” The delivery day begins when the driver logs onto his Delivery Information Acquisition Device (DIAD). This handheld device shows the driver the delivery route for that day. Each package has a scan label attached to it. The driver scans the label with the DIAD, which shows the best delivery route. Whether a package is a delivery or pick up all of the information attached to that package is on that label. When a package reaches its destination, the customer signs the DIAD. “The information is transmitted instantaneously to UPS’s computer network for storage and processing (Laudon, 16).” This helps to keep costs and customer complaints at a minimum. UPS uses 108,999 Delivery Information Acquisition Devices or DIAD daily throughout the world to ensure customer satisfaction (United Parcel Service, 2012).” Customers who have moved their company up to a global level may use UPS TradeAbility. “These international tools are free of charge to track and monitor the customer’s supply chain in motion, estimate landed costs, find harmonized codes, and check import compliance. The client can also enroll in UPS’s Paperless® Invoice to easily submit customs paperwork electronically and accurately, reducing the risks of holds and delays (United Parcel Service, 2012).” Quantum View is a new way for businesses to track their customer’s packages. With this program, business owners can see the exact location of a shipment. The customer receives an email stating when the item has shipped, if it has...
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