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1.What is their business and why is package tracking important to UPS’s customers? [list]

UPS’s business focuses primarily on time-definite delivery of packages across the globe. It ranks amongst the world’s largest package delivery company and is a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services. Also the importance of the tracking system can be listed as follows:

Secures the movement of packages from one location to another. •Enables their business to identify customers – serves like an identifier. • Allows the business and the customer to pin-point where the package is located prior to its final destination.

Provides a history for the business.
Keeps the network between distribution centers alive and integrates trucking, airplane, and ship-based data.

2.What and where does information need to be collected and where does it go as part of the process to support the tracking of UPS shipments? [table] UPS Information for shipment process
Required infoWhere info is collectedHow it’s used/Where it goes 1. Sender and recipients’ name and contact information.
2. Item shipped (e.g. documents, electronics, food, furniture, etc); whether or not item is fragile or potentially dangerous. 3. Weight of the package.
4. Date issued for shipment.
5. Delivery options (overnight, express, priority, first-class, etc). 6. Address of destination.
7. Insurance and extra services.1. Agency’s front desk.
2. Online through their official website.
3. Customs service and custom’s office.
4. Package sorters. 1. Info concerning package is transformed into data unique to that package. 2. Package is given a unique tracking number.
2. Data from package is sent to the package-tracking system and retransmitted to the wireless LAN. 3. The data generated within each distribution center is integrated with worldwide packager tracking data.
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