Fedex Case

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30 JAN 2012

FedEx Express

hen Fred Smith finished that valuable paper which finally got a “C” grade while he was studying at Yale University. An adventure of U.S. air cargo transportation– the story of FedEx Express was beginning. Since it was founding at 1971, FedEx Express choose a high-cost development way that was really uncommon at that time. After Smith established the “Super Hub” at Memphis International Airport, Tennessee in 1973, FedEx Express started overnight operations on April 17th. At the same time, FedEx Express used its actions transferred a “super commitment” to their customers: “When it Absolutely, Positively has to be there overnight!” In 1975 FedEx Express installed its first drop box. That means customers can just drop off packages without going to a local branch. Then in 1981, the first international operations started with the service to Canada. The FedEx continue promised: “Absolutely, Positively Anytime.” In 1994, FedEx Express launched as the first transportation web site to offer online package tracking. Until now, the super commitment that FedEx Express gave to all customers – “We live to deliver!” – is really impressed for everybody.

People – Service – Profit (PSP).
––FedEx Corporate Philosophy

As one of the most atypical successful marketing cases, FedEx Express was not a low-cost company since it was founding at 1971. On the contrary, FedEx Express tried to communicate to the customers an idea: “No matter the thing you gave to FedEx Express, it will be delivered on time”. And this promise means a high-cost and high-quality service. Thus, in my opinion, this commitment is the key of FedEx Express to become successful. This marketing idea should be the most creative behavior from FedEx. Because

Creativity is defined as...
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