Uopx Career Action Plan

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Professional Career Action Plan
Suzanne Moore
April 23, 2012
Terresa Randolph

After four years of learning to be a college student and meeting the requirements of each of my instructors, it is time for me to prepare for graduation and the move onto my career dreams. The creation of my career action plan is one of the many steps I will take to assess my goals, abilities, skills, weaknesses, and likelihood of landing gainful employment. My career action plan can be considered a roadmap of my change from college student to career professional. The action plan roadmap can help me see the trail that takes me to understanding my professional goals, and the health care position I should look for. This Roadmap can also help me understand my skills set, skills improvement needs, and help me map out how I will achieving the continued education needed to be successful in my career.

Creating my career action plan is not the first step I will need to take to roadmap my way to goal achievement and career success. The career action plan is created after several steps have been made, such as a self assessment, an exploration of viable career options and the creation of a list of career interests (Career Action, Plan, 2012). During its creation one can see that a career action plan I not just a one step plan but rather, one-step of several in a process. * My Professional Goals

* The professional goals I listed in my career action plan outline are to get job in the health care industry in the medical records department, Return to school for my Master’s in Health Administration, and work my way to a medical coder management position. * Get a job in the health care industry in the electronic medical records department. * My decision to work with Electronic Medical Records (EMR) stems from my interest in health care with a lack of interest in clinical patient care. The role of EMRs is growing by leaps and bounds (Polack, 2012). In the 1990s Medical offices found that integrating computers into the practice of medical billing and scheduling helped to stream line these processes. Today computers and the Internet have improved to allow many aspects of the medical sector to be streamlined and networked making electronic patient management more accessible and efficient for health care administration. In the near future the health care industry will see the use of EMR systems to be the norm. The trend of implementing EMR systems into health care facilities is not just an American Fad; it is a worldwide fade- like many things involved in technology and the internet. The EMR department is an attractive position, because even though I have completed a Bachelors program in Health Information Systems, I do not have career experience in health administration. I perceive electronic medical records as a good way to break into the health care industry and gain on-the-job experience to prepare me for my ultimate job of choice in the executive department of a hospital. *

* The job I plan to have in the health care sector
* The job I plan to have ultimately in the health care sector is as a coding manager or Medical coding auditor. I find this field interesting because I will be working as a gateway to legitimizing medical billing claims and ensuring the health care facility I work for is not losing money because of poor coding in its offices and is safe from charges of fraud because of mistakes or intentional harm done in the coding phasing of patient billing. * Coding Manager is responsible for providing leadership to coding auditors, the coding analysis, and to encourage peak performance of the coding department. The coding manager is responsible for the creation and scheduling of training, and ensuring medical coding office meets required policies and procedures (Allhealthcarejobs.com, 2012). * Certified Medical Auditor is responsible for checking for compliancy and ensuring profitability of...
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