My Academic Experience

Topics: Higher education, University, Management Pages: 4 (888 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Week 9: My Academic Experience
Fatimah M. Myers
April 13, 2013
University of Phoenix

Instructor – Annette Kubalanza

Outline – My Academic Experience

1. The Value of Completing a Degree in Higher Education

2. Plans for My Academic and Career Future

3. Reflections of Topics in Class
A. Time and Stress Management
B. University Resources
C. Critical Thinking

American society values higher education. College provides many opportunities for developing a variety of social networks, both formal and informal. Obtaining a college degree will be such a valuable and rewarding accomplishment for me. It opens many new opportunities for me on a professional and personal level. Upon completion, I will be only the second person in my entire family to earn a degree. One of the most important personal values of obtaining my degree is allowing my children see me work hard for a better life, and a better salary. Growing up, I remember my mother struggle to take care of my sister and myself; Doing her best to make ends meet. My hope is my children will learn through me that a higher education will allow for a better life; making them the third and fourth college graduates in my family.


The demand for postsecondary education is higher than it has ever been. Higher education aids in an economic well-being. Earning my Associate’s Degree will allow me to become eligible for promotions. It will be a short-term goal accomplishment, allowing me one step closer to the career of my choice. However, it is not where I want my education to end. Continuing my education and earning my Bachelor’s Degree is the next goal in my academic future. My Associate’s Degree is in Healthcare Administration, and my Bachelor’s will be in Business Management. Obtaining...
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