Two Worlds Divided

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Jenna Vanden Heuvel


Assignment 4

English 101
Two Worlds Divided
Laken’s purpose in composing this story was to demonstrate that all of us are in some way isolated from other individuals. We get trapped in our own thoughts, our own hurtful moments, and in our own bodies. In this reading it talks about how human characters struggle to find connection and to make sense of the lives that they live in. Laken wanted to convey even though the despite tragedies in life can send people scrambling in different directions. Laken shows that even the biggest borders create less of a barrier than the tiny space between two individuals. She uses split columns and column bridges to display the separation points and to reveal the division between each family member, who is searching for a connection and a better life for themselves.

Laken used interesting strategies when composing this story. Laken’s main strategy when composing this story was that she wanted to show the different viewpoints from the son and the father. Dividing the columns shows the separation between the father and son and their different perspective on life. Throughout the story, Laken correlates both perspectives together by the showing the resentful feelings towards each other at the same time. She used plenty of voice in the story to grab the audience attention and make the story more personal and meaningful. The way she showed the actual timeline of the story in writing was a great way for the readers to connect more to the story timeline. Therefore, Laken wanted her readers to try and analyze what she was trying to portray, therefore, this method of writing keeps the reader engaged. Her writing definitely leaves the audience with multiple different opinions on the story. Laken, in her narration, demonstrates individual kingdoms within a family who struggle against their isolation with thoughts of money that can make for a better life. “We’d be done with it. Right now. No hassles....
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